Republicans and Early Elections

A brief history lesson to start this blog off:

Prior to 1992, GA Election Law stated that a candidate must receive 50% of the vote plus a single vote to win an election, and that anything less than this – including, presumably, an exact 50-50 split- would cause a runoff election between the top two candidates (or only two, as the case may be).

In 1992, Democrat Wyche Fowler was forced into a runoff election against Republican Paul Coverdell – I believe for a seat in the US Senate. The result of the general election was something like 47% – 43%. Coverdell won the runoff election.

So the Democrats in power at the time changed the runoff law to 45%.

When Republicans assumed power in 2002, they changed the law back to the old 50% + 1 rule, arguing – correctly – that the 45% rule was simply a way of keeping the current party in power.

Libertarian US Senate Candidate Allen Buckley got somewhere around 125K votes in this year’s race, which was just enough to dip Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss below the required 50% mark.

Apparently, there has been rumblings for at least a year now within Republican circles that they would like to reinstate the 45% rule, and Saxby Chambliss’ own showing has only invigorated that element to push harder.

They want to strip the will of the People from the People themselves and make it even more difficult for third parties to ‘usurp’ their power – as if the power is rightfully any one party’s to begin with.


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