Republicans and Early Voting

First off, let me get out of the way that I’m not talking about voting in Early County, GA. (It happens to be in my neck of the woods, so I just want to be ultra clear.)

That said, I’ve seen multiple reports – including from both’s Political Insider blog and the Associated Press – that GA Republican leadership is ‘concerned’ about early voting.

A law that THEY put in place. GA Republicans!!

It seems that making voting as convenient as possible for Joe Public doesn’t result in elections favoring Republicans. Yet from what I personally witnessed, early voting was popular with EVERYONE. I voted on October 3, my parents and youngest brother voted in North GA around the same time, and a few coworkers noted that they also voted early. Now, I mention these specific examples due to party affiliation: I am a card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party and voted for Barr/Buckley/Monds/Given. My North GA family is solidly (though not officially card carrying) Republican. My coworkers – the ones I talked to – were solid Democrats.

It seems to me ALL party affiliations were taking advantage of not having to sit in line for 6+ hours to vote.

Which brings to mind another point: I would be willing to wager that each and every Georgian that voted would have done so whether early voting existed or not. This was that kind of election year. With the lines reported in even Dougherty County on the final few days of early voting, can you imagine what would have happened had everyone been forced to vote in one day?? Pandemonium and probably quite a few people walking out. From what I saw and heard, I doubt those walking out would have been Libertarians or Democrats, meaning that Republicans probably would have lost even more significantly – possibly even turning GA blue according to Presidential results.

Yet this is evidently what your Republican State Legislature wants for you, my fellow Georgians…


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