Saxby Chambliss and the Libertarian Vote

I expect Saxby Chambliss to be in the Albany Herald occassionally. Not only is he a former member of the US House, he is our current US Senator and he happens to be from SWGA.

So it wasn’t surprising that he was in the Herald this morning.

What was surprising was that he was seeking the endorsement of Allen Buckley – his Libertarian opponent from a week ago. This, after proclaiming for quite a while that he didn’t expect a runoff election nor did he need Buckley’s endorsement if one should by some major disaster – according to his thinking – happen.

But he was very insulting to us in it, being extremely condescending. Saying that we voted too early, before we could come to our senses and realize that the bailout that he helped ram through the Senate was ‘for our own good.’

His exact quote and the entire article can be found at

I personally voted for Buckley in the general election, and absent some persuasive arguments from Buckley himself or the LPGa, Martin has got my vote in the runoff.

There is nothing worse for a politician known to be a liar than to be a condescending liar.


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