Again with needing libertarians at the local level…

This one out of South Carolina, in a town called Beaufort, which is near Hilton Head:

A church wants the county to rezone its property from rural to suburban to lessen the amount of open space required by law. It wants to do this in preparation for future development, though the only thing they plan to do at the moment is reconfigure their parking lot and enlarge it.

But one of the local commissioners is against it. Why? Because she is a woman and disagrees with the Catholic Church’s positions on female clergy and abortion/contraception rights.

Note that this is a religious, maybe a political issue with the overall Roman Catholic Church, and not one that actually affects the issue or the single church at hand. She gives no reason for disagreeing with the church’s desires regarding the issue, and instead blocks them because of her own religious beliefs.

Fortunately, most of the rest of the commission was more level-headed (and possibly worried about a First Ammendment lawsuit), and the rezoning passed 5-2.

Story can be found at, tip of the hat to‘s brickbat for bringing the issue to my attention.


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