I was wrong about Bob Barr

So, evidently, Barr really is just another neo-con. I thought the man actually stood for something, but clearly he is just in it to get back into elected office any way he can. His letter below is just more of the same talking points the Republican side of the Democratic-Republican party has been putting out for the better part of the last 6 months or so.

To my fellow Libertarians, I deeply apologize.

Here’s his letter of support to the people over at Crazy for Liberty:

Dear Doug,

In Tuesday December 2nd’s runoff election we have a choice between incumbent Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss and Democratic challenger Jim Martin.

I urge you to vote for Saxby Chambliss.

Sen. Chambliss is closer to the Libertarian position on a number of key issues including: shrinking the size of government, less government spending, abolishing the IRS, replacing the income tax with a consumption tax and ending the government bailouts.

And there is one other major consideration: the Legislative branch of our government should not be a rubber stamp for the Executive branch.

There should be a check and balance between the two. The Democrats are close to obtaining a majority of 60 members of the Senate which means the opposition party, the Republicans in this case, will have very few opportunities to have meaningful input on legislative actions.

To me, one party rule in both the Legislative and Executive branches is a prescription for bad public policy decisions.

Please join me in voting for Saxby Chambliss in the US Senate runoff election.


Bob Barr


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