Local Issues: City of Albany v Freedom: Oudoor Indoor Furniture

So not only has the City of Albany decided to ban convenience stores from selling markers and rose vases, they’ve both passed one ordinance limiting freedom and have been asked to pass another.

In the ordinance that has been passed and is scheduled to take effect beginning Jan 1, the city has made it a crime punishable by fines, community service, and even jail time to ‘have indoor furniture on the outside of their home’, per this article in the Albany Herald.

Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Director Judy Bowles says that leaving indoor furniture outdoors indicates a ‘lack of pride in one’s home and in the city’.

So choosing to have more comfortable furniture outside is a ‘lack of pride’? Even more disturbing, government should be allowed to regulate the amount of ‘pride’ one has in a given area?? Has this lady ever read 1984???

Furthermore, what constitutes ‘indoor’ furniture? Am I allowed to have a wooden table on my patio, or must it be plastic?

Finally, if government is allowed to dictate what can and can’t be on the outside of my house, it will eventually decide it can regulate what is inside my house.

More government control is never the answer. More individual freedom is.


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