Bills by local State Representatives

Mike Cheokas (D-Americus) is a cosponsor on HB4 regarding an income tax credit and qualified ad valorem tax expenses, HB11 regarding accusations and trials, and HB28 changing certain provisions relating to kidnapping.

Buddy Harden (147th) has introduced HB59 providing certain exemptions to the sales and use tax regarding controlled substances and dangerous drugs and HB120 providing for sales and use tax exemptions for certain school supplies and energy efficient products.

Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert) has introduced HB 75 revising certain provisions of the ad valorem tax regarding bona fide conservation use property, HB87 revising certain provisions for law enforcement officers regarding arrests, and HB105 regarding 911 systems.

While not directly in the specific area we cover here at SWGA Politics, Austin Scott (R-Tifton) has introduced the ‘Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act’, aka HB33 that will be the subject of at least one follow-on post here at SWGA Politics.

Note that this means that the State Representatives for many of the districts we cover have not submitted or signed as co-sponsor on any legislation thus far in the term. Hopefully we will see this change as the term progresses.


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