The Continuing Saga of the Albany Cell Phone Ban

Sorry Fox31, but WALB once again has the better report on this.

According to these reports, City of Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis is recommending a $500 fine “to punish drivers who are using their cell phones when they cause a wreck”. Aren’t there already laws on the books regarding punishment for drivers who cause wrecks?

City Councilman Roger Marietta said, “I think we need to educate our citizens that it is a problem.” I completely agree with Mr. Marietta that talking while driving can be dangerous. I simply say that more government regulation is NEVER the answer.

Furthermore, Mr. Marietta stated “I think we do need to wake up and stop and minimize the use of cell phones while driving.” I’m reasonably sure the same was said about those ‘new-fangled’ things called radios when they first debuted in cars nearly 80 years ago.

For my feelings regarding this issue, check out my post from when it first came up nearly two months ago.


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