Madison WI teacher suspended over Facebook profile

A teacher in Beaver Dam, WI has been suspended because she placed a picture of her holding a rifle aimed at the camera as her profile pic on Facebook. There is ZERO indication that she ever acted inappropriately around her students, and in fact the superintendent has said she is ‘a good and capable teacher’.

Evidently, a coworker saw the picture and decided to tell the principal, who then placed her on administrative leave.

Over something she did at home, not even in public.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was once a teacher and my wife is a current one, and I can tell you with 10000% certainty there is nothing special about a teacher. They are just as human as you and I. They laugh, they cry, they get drunk, they get laid, and they do just about everything else an adult can do. While even I will say that some of these actions need not be done – or should at least be moderated – while at work in front of kids, what a teacher does at home is his or her own decision, same as any other adult. (Yes, I said any other adult, including supposed ‘role models’.)

This teacher did NOTHING wrong, and NO ONE is saying she was ever any kind of danger to herself or anyone else. Instead, this teacher is sitting at home because someone freaked out because she had a gun in her hands while apparently at a gun range.

The ACLU has come in on this teacher’s behalf, and it is my utmost hope that the individuals who had a part in this decision pay every cent a jury will possibly allow this woman to get from them over this idiotic decision.

This is beyond ridiculous y’all, and this is EXACTLY why the Big Government Party – both Democratic and Republican halves – has FAILed.

Freedom. Is it really too much to ask for?

Original story from local media. (Feb 3) Updated version.(Feb 6)

Editorial from same news media.


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