Bills Co-sponsored by Local Representatives, Feb 23 update

Bills introduced in the House sponsored or consponsored by local Representatives since the Feb 1 update:

State Rep Mike Cheokas (D-Americus) has cosponsored HB 275 and sponsored HB 518.

State Rep Winfred Dukes (D-Albany) has cosponsored HB 290.

State Rep Carol Fullerton (D-Albany) has yet to cosponsor any legislation.

State Rep Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert) has sponsored HB 75, HB 87, HB 105, HB 284, HB 285, and HB 432 and cosponsored HB 248, HB 312, HB 464, HB 479, and HB 506. Note here that HB75, HB87, and HB105 were actually in January, I simply forgot to list them on the Feb 1 update.

State Rep Bob Hanner (D-Parrott) has cosponsored HB 529.

State Rep Buddy Harden (R-Cordele) has cosponsored HB 273, HB 368, and HB 369.

State Rep Jay Powell (R-Camilla) has sponsored HB 478 and HB 479.

State Rep Ed Rynders (R-Albany) has not sponsored any new legislation in February.

This leaves the current count of bills as (listed from greatest to least, with number in parenthesis):

Greene (11: 6 sponsored, 5 cosponsored)
Cheokas (8: 2 sponsored, 6 cosponsored)
Harden (8: 1 sponsored, 7 cosponsored)
Powell (7: 3 sponsored, 4 cosponsored)
Hanner (3: 3 cosponsored)
Rynders (2: 1 sponsored, 1 cosponsored)
Dukes (1: 1 cosponsored)
Fullerton (0: none)


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