Should the State of Georgia require K-12 students to wear uniforms?

Rep. Randall Mangham (D-Decatur) seems to think so.

One of the latest bills to hit the House hopper – House Bill 704 – would force local School Boards to adopt mandatory uniform policies beginning in the 2010-2011 school year.

With Crossover Day rapidly approaching, this may or may not make it out of committee in time, much less pass through Rules to make it to the House Floor by adjournment Thursday.

So says a post I just wrote up for GLW that may or may not go up there. By now, y’all should already know where I stand here, but for the record, I OPPOSE this measure, even though Rep. Mangham struck me as a great guy when I met him at the Capitol last month.

I OPPOSE both on the grounds that the State should not be involved in education to begin with, as well as that it should not unnecessarily restrict student freedoms, as this bill would do.


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