Albany/Dougherty Consolidation: An Update

The following is an email sent to State Rep Carol Fullerton by a friend of mine. This friend’s name has been taken out at his/her request.

Hello, Carol,

Although I rarely express an opinion about pending legislation, and have not yet seen Mr. Rynder’s proposed consolidation/vote bill, I’m moved to voice my opinion.

I feel (strongly) that voters should be allowed to make their wishes known. If the WALB report was correct, it is my understanding that Mayor Adams and Jeff Sinyard feel that they should have been allowed to make their wishes known in advance (and, I assume, in opposition).

They, as voters, could express that opinion at the same time as all the other registered voters who might be affected by consolidation–at the polls. Two people, each of whom could have a vested interested in keeping the county and city separate, should not be allowed to decide for everyone else what will happen.

I do not even know yet what my opinion would be (not having seen the proposed legislation), but I do not want that choice to be taken away from me by those two people, for whom I did not, and will not, vote.

Please help us, the voters, have a chance to voice our opinions at the polls.


Friend of Jeff’s

And this is Rep. Fullerton’s response:

Thanks, Friend of Jeff’s for your note. I appreciate your thoughtful opinion about being able to vote for the consolidation issue. Freddie and Winfred need to hear from folks as well. I think it might be just the thing our community needs to get it on a better track.
My name is on the resolution. I am encouraging the Mayor and the Chairman to sit down and let’s look at a timetable to review options and hopefully accomplish this project. Many thanks, Carol

For the record, Rep Fullerton’s email address is State Senator Freddie Sims’ email is State Rep Ed Rynders’ email is, and State Rep Winfred Dukes’ email is


5 Responses

  1. That’s interesting. On the WALB report, she seemed to be backing away from the resolution. Didn’t she say something about seeking to have her name removed?

    Still, her reply is definitely a good sign!

  2. And we have now stumbled into one of my reasons for setting up this blog: to keep area politicians honest, as much as is possible anyway.

    But notice that she did NOT say WHEN voters should be given the right to vote. I say we still need to pressure her and the rest of the local delegation for a definite timetable. I’m thinking it should be on the ballot in a primary or general election no later than the General Election of 2010. (Where each of these politicians, as well as most State-wide candidates, will be running for election/re-election.)

  3. Agreed. I’m personally glad you started this one, especially being a fellow Libertarian 😀

    I also think it might not be a bad idea to follow up with increasingly stronger letters until such time that either they vote on the measure, or we start to campaign for their opposition and let them know we will do so.

    Just my thoughts on it.

  4. […] Friend sent the same letter to Freddie Sims that she sent to Carol Fullerton in this post, and this was Senator Sims’ response: You are absolutely correct. Voters should have an […]

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