Albany/Dougherty Consolidation: Freddie Sims Update

My Friend sent the same letter to Freddie Sims that she sent to Carol Fullerton in this post, and this was Senator Sims’ response:

You are absolutely correct. Voters should have an opportunity to vote and they will! I have been in constant contact with Mayor Adams and Chairman Sinyard and they are both in agreement with the process being completed so that citizens can vote. Thank you for your interest.
Freddie Sims

Again, Rep Fullerton’s email address is State Senator Freddie Sims’ email is State Rep Ed Rynders’ email is, and State Rep Winfred Dukes’ email is

As always, I will continue to keep y’all updated on anything else I find!


3 Responses

  1. Good to hear!

  2. Of course, Ms Sims didn’t sign onto the bill that would have given us the ability to vote on this, so who knows what she’ll actually do down the road.

  3. Yeah, see the local media coverage I linked out to in the March 27 Update (latest post) on the issue.

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