HB 160 (Super Speeder bill) on Senate Floor Today

The following is an email I sent to each of the State Senators in the SWGA area, including my own Senator, Senator John Crosby.

Senator Crosby,

I hope this email finds you in time and that you are doing well. I want to ask you to please vote NAY on HB 160 when it comes before the Senate today. I believe it to be nothing more than a tax increasing money grab, and I further believe that it erodes individual freedoms by excessively limiting personal judgment.

For example, I’ve driven I-75 quite frequently in my life. I was born and raised in Cartersville and went to KSU for my degree, and drove the 20 miles or so back and forth on I-75 every day to class. I also live in Leesburg now, and for the first 9 months that I lived here I worked in Macon. 70 of the 100 miles, one way, between my home and my workplace were on I-75. While living in Cartersville, I also worked in Covington for 6 months, and the vast majority of that drive between home and work was on both I-75 and I-20, into and out of the heart of Atlanta – indeed, I used the very I-75/I-20 interchange that the Capitol sits within a half a mile of.

In that extensive driving experience on the Interstates, I cannot tell you the innumerous times I personally was driving 80 mph or greater and flowing with traffic! Had I been going any slower, I could have caused untold numbers of wrecks and/ or caused untold traffic jams. The same would be said of ANYONE who was going slower, due to fluid flow dynamics which play a heavy role in traffic flow and traffic flow analysis.

HB 160 won’t stop this excessive speeding of traffic in general, and will only cause certain people to slow down, leading to accidents and further congestion – both already major problems on our roadways, even here in SWGA.

PLEASE vote no on this measure.

Thank you for your time,

Leesburg, GA


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