An Introduction

I guess after running my mouth as a commenter, our favorite Libertarian has given me the chance to run my mouth as a contributor.  He asked that I post a bit of an introduction and let you all know a little about me.

First, my name is Tom.  I’m a married father of one young son.  I’m a Boy Scout leader and a veteran of the United States Navy.  I’ve been interested in politics for most of my life.  I’ve run the gamut politically, starting out a a raging liberal democrat and now a died in the wool libertarian.
I’m a member of which fights on the state level to restore our gun rights.  The Second Amendment is very important to me, as you will see in my time here, since it is under attack currently.  However, I’m a staunch defender of all parts of the Constitution…even if there’s a section I disagree with.

So, with all that said, I look forward sharing my thoughts with you all!


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