The MIAC Report: An Update

I’m hearing from multiple sources that the MIAC Report previously mentioned on this blog here has now officially been rescinded, and that an apology either has been made or is in the works.


The report did NOT, as noted in the previous post, state that all Libertarians/Ron Paul Supporters/people who fly the Gadsden Flag/etc were terrorists.

It simply said that domestic terrorists tend to also be people that support the same things as the people mentioned above.

Just as in the case of international terrorism, just because you happen to believe a certain way does NOT automatically imply that you are a terrorist.

At the same time, however, because of the image of a certain religion, adherents of that religion face a public image/relations problem that must be overcome.

Unfortunately for us in the Liberty movement, there have been many high-profile domestic terrorism cases, and almost all monsters who committed these acts believed similarly to us, yet did not mind using violence to achieve their objectives.

I personally denounce such violence as ineffective and indeed harmful to our cause, not to mention immoral and monstrous in general. It feeds into the already existing public image, and sets us back another two decades – at least – every time such an act occurs.

Indeed, the 99.999% of us in the Liberty Movement who would NEVER advocate violence to achieve our goals must be more vocal in showing the American populace that the image they see is not the correct one, and that we are indeed their neighbors, their friends, and their family. Yes, we want a smaller government where people are more free to do as they wish so long as another is not hurt. But we will not violate our own ‘Punch Principle’ in some ill-conceived and idiotic idea that violating our principles will somehow further our cause.

So we in the Liberty Movement are not terrorists, but we do face the same image problem as Muslims.

And the best thing we can do is admit it, and work in our own peaceful ways and arenas to fix it.

How do we do this?

One person at a time.

Share your political views with your family, your friends, and your coworkers. Let them know what you believe and why, and encourage them to share what they believe and why. Get into friendly discussions on political matters.

But don’t take it personally when even your close friends and family vehemently disagree with you. Instead, if they are very hot about it, back down. Regroup, and at some later point discuss a different issue. Work to build the foundation of Freedom, then come back to the issue you know they passionately disagree with you on. If they still disagree, back down again.

Never stop being their friend, no matter how hard they press.

And eventually, even if they don’t agree with you, they will at least agree that you stick to your guns, you will have not lost a good friend, you will have gained a good debate partner, and most importantly:

You will have shown that we are NOT terrorists.


One Response

  1. The problem is that the report could be construed by some, and was by many, as an attack on those of us who are truly freedom minded. More over, the report was interpreted by the population at large in such a manner to make those of us who fight for our freedoms, even if it flies in the face of conventional “wisdom” appear to be even more extreme and to many, dangerous.

    The apology will, hopefully, help people to understand that not all of us with these political leanings are the problem. Instead, we stand with them in condemning these types of attacks and will continue to do so.

    I agree though that these domestic attacks are counter productive to say the least. Instead, they lead to more and more regulation and oppression, something which we don’t need in this country. What we need is to fight within the system to win our freedoms back.

    I’ve thought about every way to cause change that I could, and going through channels is by far the best and safest way. All others could make the problems worse.

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