[UPDATED] Albany Tea Party

Judicial Building
225 Pine Avenue (Downtown Albany, 1 block east of the Flint Riverquarium)

April 15, 2009 5p-7p

Contact SWGA Politics at swgapolitics@gmail.com with any questions

More details will be posted here as we get them.


There will be a poster making party on Saturday, April 4, 2009. All are invited!

CORRECTION to the Poster Making Party post


6 Responses

  1. Will join the Tea Party Wed. 4-13-09. Will bring patriotic friends. Will work for peaceful events like this that are constitutionally motivated. LET FREEDOM RING! Please Put me on your mailing list.

  2. I just wrote this on my blog


    Tax Tea Party: Patriots, Revolutionaries or Both

    Today is the day for the big Tea Party protest in Atlanta, Albany and many cities. I have good friends deeply involved in this movement to protest the Obama Administra`tion and Congress big spending and massive bailouts. It’s always good to hear the people speak up.

    I am a little concerned with the “revolutionary” nature of emulating the “Boston Tea Party” but I don’t think the supporters are equating President Obama to King George III because the next step in the radical process would be similar to the Boston Massacre and eventually Lexington and Concord. Was Obama recently elected legally and wasn’t it clear that heavy spending was in order to recover from the mess he inherited. When bloggers and Talk Radio guys intelligently debate concerns about our fiscal future, we are witnessing democracy in action; a beautiful thing.

    But we must be careful about signaling sick-minded individuals who when worked up take unthinkable actions in the name of patriotism. Protest, get mad was hell, and vote out leaders you dislike but don’t provoke open rebellion and the illegal overthrow of the American government. Remember, that many Americans view the southern obsession with the Confederacy as near treason.

    Have a health protest and hopefully the elected officials will hear your productive concerns.



  3. I agree with most, but you can never *SPEND* your way out of debt, and DEBT is the problem here.

    Actually, what is needed is a MASSIVE scaling back of government to within its Constitutional limits. Spend less on government, and you don’t have to steal as much from its citizens.

  4. Jeff: what you are say …it’s…it’s….too much like right. You are correct; feel the pain of deep cuts and change the mindset that the government can fix everyone’s problem at home and around the world. Don’t get me started on Iraq, the 51st State that receives more federal money with “nation building” than several states.

  5. You know, there are liberal libertarians as well as the conservative versions… We’d be glad to have you in the LP… 🙂

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