Law Abiding Libertarians

Through various conversations with different people, one unfortunate theme keeps coming up.  That theme is the idea that Libertarians condone unlawful actions.  The reason for this is simple.  We have a tendency to have issues with laws that outlaw so-called “victimless crimes”.  Libertarians believe, generally, that people have the right to make decisions for themselves and that government has no place in those decisions.

This is, in most cases anyways, completely true.  What this leads to however is a misunderstanding.  The misunderstanding is that we condone things like drug use under current law.  While I can’t speak for every Libertarian out there, I can speak for those that I personally know and say that this is far from accurate.

You see, when someone like myself argues in favor of something like legalizing drug use or prostitution, it’s because of a variety of factors such as a lack of Constitutional authority, to a God-given right to do things that are bad for you.  But no where in my arguments will you see me condone breaking the law.

Instead, Libertarians want to change the existing laws through the legal means.  What does that mean?  We want Congress and the General Assembly to pass legislation repealing these laws.  How do we seek to accomplish this?  The same way any other group of law-abiding people try to change the laws.  We vote for candidates that share our views, and try to change the minds of those elected who disagree with us.

Wanting legalization for something that’s currently illegal doesn’t mean we’ll do it anyways.  It just means we think things need to be changed, and are working through the system to make those changes.  Nothing more, nothing less.


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