CORRECTION of ‘Albany Tea Party: Poster Making Day’

We will make posters Saturday April 11th. I apologize for the error.
If you have not already done so please let me know if you can come.

This is the email I am sending to all organizations that I am inviting to our Tea Party. You are encouraged to copy and send to as many people as you can. Of course you can create your own email, just make sure the time, location and subject are included. You’re welcome to include my contact info if you would like, or to use your own. We’re in this together!

I am organizing a TEA Party on April 15, 2009 , 5:00-7:00 P.M., at the Courthouse located at 225 Pine Avenue, Albany, GA .

Our purpose is to inform our government that we are overtaxed and under-represented. Equally important is our goal to educate Southwest Georgians on our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

I would be honored to have your organization participate.

I am a volunteer for the non-profit organization FreedomWorks.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ve had a few questions about this being an “anti-Obama” rally. NO, this will not be an anti-Obama rally. We are protesting overtaxation and under-representation, and encouraging a return to the Constitution and the principles our Founding Fathers used to create it and the Declaration of Independence. Both of our policital parties are guilty of straying from these principles.

If you have suggestions/questions contact me.



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