Why We Must Make Our Stand

It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. Sir Winston Churchill

The above quote from Winston Churchill is probably one of the truest sentiments I have ever come across in my life. However, many people truly disagree with me on this issue. Why? Because they don’t see the flaws in the system…and forget that we’re actually a Republic, but that’s neither here nor there.

Our Founding Fathers understood the flaws, which is why they crafted the United States Constitution. It specifically protected certain rights, made it clear that absence of mention didn’t mean a right didn’t exist, and laid out what the federal government could and couldn’t do, and some of what states could and couldn’t do. In short, they created a road map on how to run this country.

However, somewhere along the way, people figured out something. They could vote for goodies from the treasury. They began to support candidates for office who would ignore the Constitution and craft legislation that would send money into their pockets. People could also get the governmental flunkies to force social change that they wanted but couldn’t get people to go along with otherwise.

So now we look onto our nation and wonder where it all went. Our freedoms, once so basic, and slowly being eroded away. The right to keep and bear arms, that wasn’t supposed to be infringed by anyone (it’s not specific to just Congress not making laws about it after all), is nearly non-existent in many places. Freedom of speech requires jumping through hoops and over hurdles just to protest. Religious groups are threatened with removal of their tax free status unless they do as the government says. The Tenth Amendment is practically defunct in every way except that there’s been no official repeal of it.

Our government has taken it upon themselves to bail out irresponsibility. They want to bail out home owners who bought homes they couldn’t afford in the first place, as well as corporations who made poor business decisions for decades and now expect the American taxpayer to foot the bill. There is talk of nationalizing various businesses, and the Treasury Secretary wants more power to seize institutions that are in trouble, thereby removing our protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

We must make a stand before all that makes the United States the United States is gone. So I make my stand. All forms of government are Utopian in their ideals. Now it’s time to return our form of government to that Utopian point. If enough of us stand together, it will happen.


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