By The Content of Their Character?

When Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. first uttered that phrase, it was part of a dream he had. He dreamed of a day when color didn’t matter, but that just hasn’t happened in the 40+ years since Dr. King made that speech. More proof is available at the Albany Herald, which apparently felt that the increase of black’s “buying power” is news. It’s yet another Herald article that gets into a race debate, without revealing at all why “black buying power” is pertinent to those who may not even understand what the term means. Whether this is or isn’t may be an interesting matter of debate. But what isn’t an interesting matter for debate is Albany Mayor Willie Adam’s quote in this article.

It’s in reference to black businesses feeling they’re not getting an equal chance at city contracts. He states that these businesses aren’t following the guidelines in making these bids. What’s particularly interesting is his actual quote:

“Chalk it up to miseducation,” he said. “It’s a shame that these types of instances, and others with racial overtones, exist in our community, but I will never accept the belief some have that such problems can’t be overcome.

Really? Mayor Adams? Is this the same Mayor Willie Adams who I posted about earlier? The same Mayor Willie Adams who said “Consolidation is about a (white) power structure not wanting to give up its power” in another article, also by Carlton Fletcher?

So it’s a shame that situations with “racial overtones” exist in Albany, but you have no problem adding to the dog pile? Come on Mayor Adams, please be realistic. For what it’s worth though, I agree with the comments in this particular article. What racial tensions there are probably can be overcome easily enough, but not when elected officials are screaming about racism because a member of the General Assembly wants to let the people of Dougherty County decide how they want to be governed.

But apparently, Mayor Adams wants to be judged by the content of his character without being willing to return the favor.


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