Albany Herald Stirring the Pot

I open up my Tuesday paper and what do I find? Yet another article on race by Carlton Fletcher (link will be added once they get their front page fixed). Here’s my question though…why is this worthy of a three day span of articles dealing with race? Albany State’s being denied the money for their Fine Arts center is a shame, especially if they are currently functioning in the cramped conditions mentioned in the article. But no mention is made of other potential factors.

So far, the only elected official who has had a chance to defend himself has been Mayor Willie Adams who got to explain why more black owned businesses don’t get city contracts. Of course, this is the same mayor who blasted the idea of a consolidation referendum as a racially motivated plot to disenfranchise black voters. Funny how this one works, isn’t it? Mayor Adams gets to tell blacks that the only reason they’re not getting city contracts is because of improper filing of bids, but no one else gets asked?

It’s funny how Mayor Adams seemed to get the ball rolling on this whole series of race articles with his attack on consolidation, and no other elected officials seem to get a say. Is the mayor trying to play the race card in an effort to hold onto power? Well, it makes sense with Dougherty County being 60% black, so trying to convince that voter block that this is an attack on them might be worth the effort.

Unfortunately, the people of Albany aren’t nearly as racist as our beloved mayor wants to make it sound. Former Albany District Attorney Ken Hodges defeated a black DA candidate in one of his races. If memory serves, the current Dougherty County sheriff, who is white, defeated his black opponent. If one were to not count the mayor as a part of the city commission (due to him being essentially an at-large commissioner), half our city commission is white. None of this shows the deep racial divide that Carlton Fletcher and Mayor Willie Adams seem to feel are so deep in Albany and Dougherty County.

Does this mean that there is no racism? Absolutely not. But it doesn’t appear to be the motivating factor for everything despite what the Albany Herald seems to want to claim. Instead, it is in the hearts of a few people, something that will never go away unfortunately.


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