Tactical Changes Coming

SWGA Politics has finally started to become much of what I envisioned it to be when I started it 2 months ago.

But it is still hindered somewhat – by me. There are things that I would like SWGA Politics to cover that I cannot touch due to my job, and so long as I am the owner of SWGA Politics, I risk my job by covering them here.

Fortunately, a guy named Tom started commenting pretty heavily here, and it turned out we agreed on a lot of things. I made him a contributing author here a couple of weeks ago, and a few days later gave him the same authority there that I have. Since then, he has already covered a lot of things that I would have liked to, but could not.

So I’m going to continue to play a heavy role there, but much like Erick Erickson created PeachPundit yet lets others take lead roles there, I’m going to do the same with SWGA Politics. It will be getting a new address soon – Tom plans to buy a domain name and drop the ‘.wordpress’ part of the address – and it already has a new blog image and banner, as well as its own twitter account (@swgapolitics)

I’ll be concentrating on State level stuff here, particularly as it relates to the General Assembly and the State Senate, which I’ve truly enjoyed tracking over these past couple of months. We’re also bringing in another author to handle more National coverage.

Interestingly enough, the three of us are also the three people who will be submitting the paperwork to LP-Ga this week to bring SWGALP into official existence.

And that is where my efforts will now be spent primarily. Through my efforts with SWGA Politics, many have begun to see me as some kind of ‘leader’ – yeah, riiiight (EXTREME sarcasm there). I tend to see myself more as just a normal guy that won’t shut up! 🙂 Regardless, I’m going to use that and and other things to work to build a South GA LP presence that is just as big and influential as our North GA counterparts. Obviously, SWGALP will play a large role in that, but I’ve also already been talking to others in other areas about trying to form affiliates in their areas. Whether I do this as an official part of LP-Ga or not is up to them, but I am committed to doing this regardless. I firmly believe the LP is the answer to the problems we face as a region, a State, and a Nation, and I’m going to do my best to convince people that I’m right.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked him out yet, John Monds, a SWGA guy, is running for Governor under the LP banner. You should check him out: http://www.votemonds.com!


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