[CORRECTED] SWGA Politics at SWGA Tea Parties!

Y’all should come to one of the two area Tea Parties this Wednesday!

#1, they are important events and a way to let local politicians know that we are serious about lowering the tax burden and limiting the size of government.

#2, you’ll get to see both partners here at SWGA Politics! Tom will be one of the speakers at the Albany Tea Party, and Jeff will be at the Leesburg Tea Party wearing his LP-Ga t-shirt. (It’s got a really big LP-Ga logo on the back, which will make him REALLY easy to spot – at least from the back!)

We’ll also be distributing business-card sized copies of The World’s Smallest Political Quiz, which will give you a pretty good understanding of exactly where you stand on the political spectrum.

So come up and say hi to us. we’d LOVE to know you’re out there! 🙂

Albany Tea Party:
Judicial Building (Courthouse)
225 Pine Ave
Albany GA, 31702
(Roughly 1 block WEST of the Flint Riverquarium or about 1/2 block west of the main branch of the Dougherty County Public Library) [Yes, someone had to correct my since of direction!! Thanks reader!!]

Leesburg Tea Party:
Lee County Courthouse
Leesburg GA 31763
(From Albany, take Slappey towards Americus. When you see the train tracks, look right. We’ll be there!)


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