Testing Obama

Somali pirates continue to high-jack ships, even after we kill some of them. North Korea launches a missile, in spite of world protests, then tells that world they will boycott meetings about their nuclear program, and restart their reactors. Cuba tells the US to do more to lift a cruel embargo, even after Obama lifts certain restrictions. What’s going on here? Has the world gone even more nuts? No, our new President is being tested, and so far he is failing.

We can expect our enemies, and yes, we do have literal enemies out there that will stop at nothing to destroy us. The only reason we still feel secure is our own strength, but even that may be at risk if the current approach to governance is maintained.

All of the above news items grabbed my attention, but the one that really drove home the point that Obama is being pushed, is the word from Cuba about our embargoes. Those embargoes have been in place for decades. If they were the “cruel embargoes” that Castro says they are, why is he just now going public with a demand they be lifted, particularly after Obama broke with long-standing, bi-partisan policy and lifted a few. Castro knows he is dealing with a soft, bendable, ‘progressive’, new American. Obama is a man that has never seen a battlefield. He has never had to order men to their deaths, until now. It does not sit well with him. He is afraid of his new job. It is more than he thought it would be. Running for President, and being President are two completely different realities.

Obama is just now getting that. Castro, North Korea, and these pathetic pirates get it. They are keenly aware that now is their best chance to move their agenda of destroying freedom on planet Earth, forward. We can expect them to take full advantage of our new weakness. Isn’t is ironic that the only good spin for Obama to come from the Somali kidnapping of an American, came from the business end of three American rifles, operated by three American, tax-payer supported, snipers. So much for the liberal, “can’t we just all get along?” approach to leading a nation.

Thank God, our system is designed to give individual leaders only a short window in history. In four years, we will have the chance to make a change at the top. Unless Obama makes a huge turn in his thinking, he will be a one-term President. His race will not save him from our judgment that he is way over his head, and just plain wrong in his view of the world and our place in it. I know many people that voted for Obama, that now are concerned they made a mistake.

Maybe this is a good thing for the long haul. Maybe, just maybe, we will understand soon that voting for someone to be President, Governor, or even Mayor, is not like voting for someone on American Idol. This is a vote that actually matters. A wrong vote can cost lives.


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