[UPDATED]SWGA Tea Parties in the News!

SWGA Politics now has confirmed reports that at least one local media outlet will be at both the Albany and Leesburg Tea Parties. We will post the reports/articles as they appear, but look for a preview around Noon, with actual stories tonight!

[UPDATE] I’ve now heard that BOTH local TV stations will be out and about at SWGA Tea Party events. Jenna McWilliams from Fox will be at the Leesburg TEA Party, and as I hear more I will let you know. I am told that due to the timing of the events, first coverage on TV will actually begin at 10:30 tonight.

[UPDATE 2] Mike Sabot, the coordinator the the Leesburg Tea Party, now reports that he is being interviewed at 1p by both WALB and WFXL so that they can have something to report in the evening news at 6p.

[Update 3] This just came in from WALB via their WALB News Update email:

There is plenty of other tax news though. There are TEA parties scheduled for Albany and Leesburg, and several other towns in 10 Country. These are folks who say Americans are ‘Taxed Enough Already.’

[Update 4] Jenna’s work phone number is (229) 291-7718. If you are in the area and attending a TEA party, she would LOVE to talk to you. She will also be at the Leesburg TEA party tonight needing comments


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