Albany Tea Party Speech: Bill Waller

On December 16, 1773, a group of colonists in Boston staged a protest against the British crown. The colonists wanted Boston to return three ships of taxed tea to the king. The colonists, dressed as Indians, boarded the ships and tossed the tea into the Boston Harbor. It is in that spirit that we gather here today!

If you have ever seen the movie “National Treasure” you know that the characters in the movie examine the Constitution for clues to a treasure. While I do not know if such a treasure exists, I do know that there is a clue hidden in the Constitution. The founding fathers put it there for occasions such as this. They didn’t really make a big effort to hide it either. Instead, they made the letters far bigger than the rest of the text of the document. WE THE PEOPLE…

You see, the government gets its power from us, not the other way around, and when we have allowed the government to get so big that our representatives do not represent us, it is time that we take it back.

It has long been said that the majority of people in America live conservative values. We go about our lives in an independent fashion and we are slow to complain or speak out. But the silent majority will be silent no more!

It is time that WE The People stand together to take back this country. I am calling for a revolution starting right now, right here! A non violent revolution that begins with you and me. We must return to our Christian roots and a sense of morality. Newsweek, the same publication that announced that we are all socialists now, recently reported that we are no longer a Christian nation. Our nation was built on a Christian foundation by our moral founders. Once we as a people drift from that, we start to believe that we get our rights from the government rather than God. That is exactly what big government would have you believe. That explains why religion is under attack in this country. If you are not a member of a congregation, I urge you to find a place to worship and different denominations must stand together against this assault.

Our founders organized this country based on Nature’s law. This rule of law is only effective for a moral people; and for the people to remain moral, they need to elect virtuous leaders. That is why it is important to know so much about our leaders before we go to the ballot box. Power can corrupt even the most virtuous among us, which is exactly why we need to limit the terms of Congress. The nation, and especially our government, needs to return to personal values and principles.

The next part of this revolution begins at the ballot box. That is how issues are settled in this country. We can change the face of government without the threat of violence with the power of the vote and an informed electorate. The lack of objectivity from today’s press makes it hard for citizens to stay informed without referencing the so called new media of the Internet and talk radio. In the news article about the local tea parties, Donna Driskell quoted Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson said, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. The government is best which governs least, because its people discipline themselves.”
Stay informed, know your sources, and spread only the truth among your friends.

Many of you brought tea bags with you to the rally today. We are collecting them and will personally deliver them to Sanford Bishop tomorrow. Representative Bishop was one of those that voted for the spending bill. In fact, I read that he brought more pork projects to the state of Georgia than any other representative. That sounds great until you realize that the country is broke, our creditors in China are shying away from financing our debt, and we are printing money to cover the spending and monetize our debt. Representative Bishop is now in town to sell his support of the stimulus package to his constituents. He says infrastructure improvement projects ear marked in the bill will cut down on future flooding. Bishop has represented the 2nd District since 1993. He was our representative during the flood of 1994. Why hasn’t he made these improvements already? Our Congressional District is the ninth poorest in the nation. We deserve better. Furthermore, any Senator or Representative that did not read the largest spending bill in history needs to be fired, period!

Our sister Tea Party, in Leesburg, is collecting Tea Bags to give to Johnny Isakson this week. Isakson voted for the TARP funds against the wishes of his constituents. You remember the TARP funds, don’t you? We were told last fall that we needed $700 billion to buy up toxic assets so that banks would lend money again. When asked where the treasury came up with that number, the secretary let it slip that they were just looking for a really big number. Remember just a few short months ago when $700 billion seemed like a really big number?

The deficit is now reported to be $12.8 trillion. How can this ever be repaid without making slaves out of our children and grandchildren? What is being done in Washington is nothing shy of child abuse at the hands of our elected officials. The country needs to operate just like you and me. When times are tough, tighten the belt and live within your budget. We cannot spend ourselves into financial prosperity. The concept is simply absurd.

The government needs to return to the gold standard. Printing money and monetizing our debt is financial suicide. These actions will result in hyper inflation a year from now. If you and I printed money to cover our debts, we would be thrown into jail.

It is time that we send a message, not to just Sanford Bishop and Johnny Isakson, but to all of our politicians. This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue. Both parties have taken us from the original intention of our founders. WE The People, it is time to stand up and let our voices be heard.

The third part of my proposed revolution is a call for a grassroots movement. That too starts tonight. People have gathered here, in Leesburg, and in over 2000 cities scattered across the nation. The organizers of this event have used several different ways to promote the Tea Party. I don’t know how you learned about this event, but you did just as countless others did. Unlike so many people that knew about the event this evening, you made a commitment to appear and let your voice be heard. That does not stop at the conclusion of tonight’s tea party. There is a sign-in sheet so that we can keep in contact. So often we are hit with the news of the day and we feel like we are alone. You are not! I urge you to sign up with FreedomWorks, a nonprofit organization that fights for lower taxes, less government and more economic freedom for all Americans. FreedomWorks drives policy change by training and mobilizing grassroots Americans to engage their fellow citizens and encourage their political representatives to act in defense of individual freedom and economic opportunity. The effort is not just on a national basis either. FreedomWorks keeps tabs on our state and local lawmakers. I urge you to sign in with a FreedomWorks representative so that you can stay informed with the actions of our representatives and return their accoutablility to WE The People!

Get involved with my book club. Come out tomorrow to the Sunset Grill at 6pm. Again, you are welcome to attend whether you have read the book or not. Come out. Let’s talk and make connections. That is what it is all about.

I also urge you to join Glenn Beck’s By joining these various groups, we combine our voice to create our own special interest group representing the values, principles, and morals that are lacking in so many of our law makers today and once again hold them accountable to WE The People.

While preparing this speech yesterday, I learned that FreedomWorks is planning a march on Washington on September 12 of this year. This march is still in the planning stages so all of the details have not been released yet, but stay tuned!

To review, the call for a new American Revolution involves three steps. Reconnect with your own religious and moral compass and value principles and virtue in our elected leaders. Two: Become an informed citizen. Don’t rely on just one source for your news and verify what you see through other sources. And finally get involved in a grassroots movement like Freedomworks, my book club, or the Taken individually, our voices are weak, but together, WE The People will be heard!

Thank you!

Bill Waller is the co-organizer of the local chapter of FreedomWorks.


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  1. Where will a tea party be near Albany ?–229-594-7216 Barbara or Henry

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