Albany Tea Party Speech: Tom Knighton

My name is Tom Knighton. I’m not that different from you all. I’m married to a wonderful woman. I have an amazing son who I’m so proud of I can’t begin to describe. I have a home, two cars, a cat, and a dog. Really, I’m as close to the quintessential American as any of you are. And I’ve always wondered how it is that a man who robs you at gun point is a thief, unless he works for the IRS? After all, then it’s taxes! The problem is, we’re all victims of theft.

That’s right, we are all victims. Victims to a government who takes our wages before we even have an opportunity to even see them. They take our money by force, making us work for months with essentially no wage.

We’ve all done this for years I suspect. We’ve been silent in our victim hood, because we believed Washington when they told us it was for our own good. We were told that taxes were the price we paid to live in a civilized society. We were told that our taxes were going to make the world a better place. And we foolishly believed them.

Guess what folks? Apparently, to make the world a better place, we have to pay for incompetence. We have to pay for ineptitude. We have to pay for arrogance. And we have to pay for fraudulence.

All over the country, we have been told how we have to bail out Wall Street. We have to Bail out Detroit. We have to bail out those who bought houses they couldn’t afford. My question to Washington is “why?” Why do I have to bail out those who lied? Why do I have to bail out those who didn’t think? Why do I have to bail out anyone?

Keep this in mind folks, this isn’t new. We bailed Chrysler out in 1979, and look what happened. They need us again. And most of these currently being bailed out will need us again. It’s like a parent who keeps handing money to an irresponsible child. That child will keep coming back for money until the money stops coming. Then, they’ll learn to manage. Just as these companies need to learn themselves.

But it seems Uncle Sam thinks he knows better. You see, while we were paying our bills, others weren’t. Banks made loans to people who never should have been approved. People bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford. They created a real estate bubble. Like all bubbles, it was bound to burst. It’s not the first bubble to burst, and it won’t be the last.

But now Washington wants to step in and save the day, as if they’re Superman. Unfortunately, they’re trying to do it with OUR money!

What they’re trying to do is remove the ability to fail. However, they’re also trying to remove our ability to succeed. It’s called a free market people! It means that you’re “free” to fail! However, it’s through failure that success comes. Thomas Edison didn’t find the best filament with his first try! He had to fail, time and time again. The result was the electric light bulb that we all know and love. We need that failure to ultimately keep our economy strong.

Here’s the thing, it’s the difficulties in life that makes it possible to achieve greatness. People are a lot like a lump of coal. We’re useful and all that as is, but when you exert enough pressure, we can turn into something amazing. For coal it’s a diamond, for us it’s something equally hard but equally amazing. But Congress doesn’t want us to have this ability. They don’t want us to achieve greatness. They want us to stay useful but nothing more. Heaven forbid that we, as a people, achieve greatness anymore.

Of course, what can we expect? They want to reward incompetence and fraud, and punish achievement. They want to reward failure and punish success. Instead of helping people rise from the ashes like the phoenix of legend by just getting out of their way, they want to continue with failed ideas that have been shown not to work!

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I could sum it up easier. Insanity: See Congress!

I say that because every time they try a program, it seems that it fails. But, instead of looking to see if the premise for that program is what’s wrong, the leaders of that program convince Congress that the problem was a lack of funds. So Congress votes to give them more money. Sure enough, they cite the lack of success as grounds for even more money. And Congress, in its insanity, gives it to them. They keep doing the same thing over and over. And to make matters worse, this is our money they’re doing it with.

The Washington insiders, and they’re all insiders so don’t let them fool ya. The insiders will tell you that this is necessary. We have to do this because AIG, or Citibank, or Ford, or Chrysler or whoever is to big to fail. BULL! None of them are too big to let fail. Out of that failure, something new will arise and do great things. The ONLY thing, and I mean the ONLY thing, that’s too big to fail is the United States of America. WE THE PEOPLE are too big to fail! The Red, white, and blue is too big to fail. Baseball, Apple Pie, and Mom are too big to fail! Oddly enough, it’s the only things Washington seems OK with letting fail. They take on debt that my son will never see paid off pretending that it’ll make things better, when we know otherwise.

The irony is that this country traces it’s revolutionary lineage to tax protests! It was our founding fathers who dumped a load of tea into Boston Harbor to protest a new tax the crown had just saddled on us. They snuck on board and tossed it all into the harbor. That first tea party is the ancestor of THIS tea party.

That first tea party, in 1773, was only the beginning. Three years later, the Declaration of Independence was written and signed. Shortly after that, we fought the British for our freedom. We all know this chain of events well, but now it’s time for a second revolution. It’s time to stand and be counted among the patriots of our great nation. It’s time to stop the taxation for politician’s vanity. It is time to take back our nation!

Here in Albany, Georgia, we stand up and tell the folks in Washington, “NO MORE!” We’re tired of your meddling. We’re tired of your squabbling. We’re tired of your arrogance. WE THE PEOPLE have had enough!

People will blame all sorts of folks for this mess. They’ll blame Presidents like they’re some sort of Economy King. They’ll blame the corporations. They’ll blame everyone except those responsible. But what difference does it make? None. WE THE PEOPLE are in this mess already, so how about every one of you politicians and bureaucrats get out of our way and let us fix this mess! Let us fix this mess with hard work and innovation, the old fashioned American way!

Make no mistake my fiends. That is what it’ll take to get out of this mess. It’s going to take Americans being Americans. It’s going to take WE THE PEOPLE stepping up and fixing things, because our elected officials sure can’t seem to fix anything without just throwing money at it. WE THE PEOPLE know already how to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Does Congress?

Seriously. They didn’t even bother to read the stimulus bill. They just voted on the thing, without even reading the bill. They put us into trillions of dollars of debt, and they couldn’t even be bothered to read the freaking bill? You and I, our children, and our grand children will be paying off this debt for our entire lives, and they couldn’t be bothered to read the bill? What are they doing up there if they’re to busy to read the bills they vote on? I mean, their job is to vote on bills…I’d think they should have to read them first, don’t you?

But apparently not. They sit atop their ivory tower of authority and look down on the peons beneath them. Sure, you can go and talk to them. You can call up their offices in Washington and get an appointment to see them. But does that make them any less out of touch? It doesn’t seem like it, does it? I mean, Charles Schumer said that the American People didn’t care what they did about the economy, so long as they did something. Tell you what Mr. Schumer. Take a look around the nation right now. Over 3,000 protests are occurring right now. And you don’t think WE THE PEOPLE cared what you did?

That’s the thing though. They don’t understand WE THE PEOPLE anymore. But it’s time WE THE PEOPLE reminded them. They need to remember that they work for WE THE PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who decide who gets to go up the Ivory Tower, and who gets to come back down. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be the power in this nation, a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.

Every single one of the people who voted to thrust this debt upon us, and to steal our money and give it to those who screwed up has to deal with an upcoming election. Take to the streets if you have to, but now is the time for a revolution. Vote them all out! Don’t let any of them go back to Washington except as a tourist! Vote third party if you have to, just fight to take back your rights and don’t let them return to steal from us more.

Let’s take our nation back, so that WE THE PEOPLE decide. Let’s keep our nation strong, so that the land of the free and the home of the brave shall never perish from this Earth.


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