[CORRECTED] GA Senate Says Nullification is Acceptable

Let me make one thing clear:

One issue, above all others, forced the American Civil War to happen. This issue was a legitimate cause of concern for the national government then, and this same issue is a legitimate cause of concern for the national government now.

That issue is nullification. The right of States to ‘nullify’ certain acts of Congress they disagree with, and to seceed from the Union if Congress continues in its ways.

And the Georgia Senate SUPPORTS this issue by a 43/1/7/5 vote. The lone nay vote was Senator Ronald Ramsey (D-Lithonia), those not voting were Senators Balfour (R-Snellville), Brown (D-Macon), Fort (D-Atlanta), Grant (R-), Henson (R-), Rogers (R-Woodstock), and Williams (R-), and those excused were Senators Buckner (D-), Hooks (D-Americus), Murphy (R-), Steve Thompson (D-Marietta), and Tolleson (R-Perry). Of those who did not vote, Rogers and Williams are both listed as primary co-sponsors of the bill.

Important to note here is that both Rogers and Williams are members of Senate leadership, with Rogers being the Majority Leader and Williams being the President Pro Tempore.

The bill itself is SR 632, and much of it is spot on. Indeed, my primary objection is simply to the nullification clauses, though there could be others. But those nullification clauses are an EXTREMELY bad thing, as such sentiments lead to WAR.

I’m actually in the process of emailing Senator Pearson right now to ask him about this bill, and I’ll post his response if he a) answers me and b) doesn’t mind me so posting.

Since I don’t mind posting the email I sent to Senator Pearson, check below for it:

Senator Pearson,

I’m hoping someone will tell me that this resolution was an April Fool’s Day joke designed to pander to the Constitutional Party crowd – which is a small but vocal minority within the GA GOP, and the CP itself does not have ballot access in Georgia, so they are no real threat to anyone at any level.

But in general, I was hoping to get further clarification from you on this bill. You see, it seems to support the idea that nullification is an appropriate response to grievances committed by the Congress and the President of the United States – and yet that very concept, above all others, was what led directly to the American Civil War.

I’m not ready for War, Senator, and I seriously doubt you or any other Senator that voted for this measure on April 1st is – and the only nay vote was Senator Reed. There were 7 no votes, but two of those were your co-sponsors on the bill, the Majority Leader (which is why I was asking him about it, since he is a ‘friend’ in Facebook) and the President Pro Tempore. There were also five Senators excused from the vote. That is why I am seeking clarification.

PLEASE, Senator, give me clarification here. I really would like to understand your own thoughts better regarding this matter.

Thank you for your time,


Thanks to Doug Mataconis and Jay Bookman for bringing this issue to my attention!

[CORRECTION]: I had listed the nay vote as Senator Reed (D-Atlanta), and it was actually Senator Ramsey. Early mornings do that occassionally! 😦


2 Responses

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  2. […] Senator Pearson has responded to last week’s post on SB 632! […]

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