Senator Johnny Isakson speaks at 2nd District GOP Presidential Dinner

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April 17, 2009
CONTACT: Mike Sabot

Guest speaker Senator Johnny Isakson at the 2nd GOP District Presidential Dinner to be held tonight, beginning at 6 pm, at Thronateeska Heritage Museum & Wetherbee Planetarium in Albany Ga., will be the recipient of the April 15th Leesburg Tax Day Tea Party proceeds.

More than 1500 tea bags were paid as admission price to the event attended by between 500 and 700 individuals from places as far away as Florida and Oklahoma. Attendance sheets signed by more than 480 attenees will also be presented. Many individuals declined to sign due to fear of Government retrobution.

Senator Isakson will be ask to return the proceeds to congress, with a demand that they begin to listen to the wishes of the people.

Note: Due to Government regulations and fears of WMD, only the Tea tags will be use.


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