Trust Congress To Be Responsible?

Last night, WALB reported Rep. Sanford Bishop’s take on the Tea Party phenomenon that occured all over the country.  WALB’s report can be seen here.  What I was particularly tickled by was this comment in particular from the story:

Congressman Bishop also said April 15th is a tough day for everyone. But it’s the price we must pay for services.

He asks taxpayers to trust that leaders will be fiscally responsible.

So, we should “trust” that our elected officials will be fiscally responsible?  Why, Mr. Bishop, should we trust you and your cohorts to do that which you’ve never done before?

In 2008 alone, Sanford Bishop accounted for amost $75 million in waste of the taxpayer’s money according to the Citizens Against Government Waste.  However, I don’t want to pick on Mr. Bishop alone.  After all, he’s hardly alone.  After all, this is the same congress that just put us into an additional trillion dollars of debt for pork…oh, excuse me, stimulus is the prefered term these days.

The state of Ohio is getting a pile of money to study highway improvement.  Study?  Please explain how “studying” highway improvement will actually create jobs?  Easy, it won’t…not for the rank and file.  I’m not sure many of the experts who are employed on such a study are actually unemployed as it is either.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t really think the government needs to create jobs.  I think they need to get out of the way of Americans and let them do what we’ve done for over 200 years.  Get rid of the income tax and put us back on the gold standard and then let us do what we do as Americans which is kick butt and make quantum leaps in human advancement.

But when Saxby Cambliss, Mr. Bishop, and various other Georgia members of Congress get a pile of money for studying blueberries here in Georgia, it’s kind of hard to accept that our “leaders” are capable of being fiscally responsible.  This Atlanta Journal Constitution article talks about how Bishop was part of some 60 earmarks in the Omnibus Stimulus bill.

Now, earmarks have been in the news a lot lately, and are generally thought of as wasteful and wrong.  They don’t get the scrutiny that other appropriations do.  Mr. Bishop knows this well, since he’s on the House Appropriations Committee.  So what’s his take on earmarks?  From the same AJC article posted above:

“Those … who feel that members should not utilize the political process to bring projects that are beneficial to the people who they represent in my opinion are derelict in their duties,” Bishop said.

They are derelict in their duties by not using something that is, at best, questionable in it’s ethics?  They’re derelict in their duties by wanting federal spending to be scrutinized to the fullest extent possible?  I’m afraid I have to disagree with you Mr. Bishop.  YOU are the one who’s derelict!

Programs for blueberry studies don’t benefit the general welfare, nor are they being fiscally responsible when they pass this type of thing.  It’s pure waste, but that’s easy to do when it’s not your money.  No, Mr. Bishop, it’s our money.

Once again, an elected official says “trust us”.  Mr. Bishop, I’ll trust you when you give me a reason to trust you!


4 Responses

  1. How CAN we trust Congress? Have they not failed us?

    In the words of a former President, “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. You can’t get fooled again.”

    We have been failed by Congress. It’s plain and simple. We haven’t been failed by Rep. Bishop, we haven’tt been failed by Rep. Linder, we haven’t been failed by Sen. Chambliss – all of Congress has failed us. From Robert Byrd to Paul Ryan.

    I’ll trust Congress when they apologize for squandering our money on a bill they never read, for growing the size of government to it’s present massive state, and for abandoning our Constitution.

  2. Great article! I just posted a link where FreedomWorks delivered a huge box of tea bags to Bishop’s Albany office. Our sister tea party will be making a special delivery to Senator Isakson tonight! Bishop says that taxes are needed for all of our services. How about reducing services? That is a novel idea! Hey, how about not funding the Jr. Marshal program? That would be a start…

  3. Ronald: I agree with you completely. The only reason that Rep. Bishop was singled out was because of his comments. But you’re right. The problem is actually the culture of Congress itself.

    @Mr. Waller: I’m glad you liked it. I agree about cutting some of these ridiculous services. That would be a great start!

  4. Responsible? – Not in the eyes of the people at the Tea Parties.

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