Presidential Campaigning ALREADY??

The newly elected President of the United States of America has been in office for less than three months – tomorrow marks his 3 month anniversary on the job – and already there is talk of who his challenger will be in the next election.

Of course, some of this is idle banter, such as me and Tom discussing who we’d like to see as the Libertarian in the race. (Names we’ve been discussing are mostly celebrities who are Libertarians, such as Drew Carey, Glenn Jacobs – you probably know him as Kane, Kurt Russell, and Denis Leary. Our reasoning is that the LP should focus on local level growth, and use the POTUS ticket as an attention-grabber.)

But some potential candidates are also already lining up serious backers, including Erick Erickson’s recently declared support of former Vice President Dick Cheney – a close friend – getting the GOP nomination for the race.

Also, 2008 LP Vice-Presidential nominee Wayne Allen Root was the keynote speaker at last night’s LP-Ga Convention banquet, and he readily admitted that he is already campaigning HARD to be the LP Presidential nominee in 2012. I’ll come out and say that while he was good and funny, he has a lot of work to do to convince this particular Libertarian that he should be my POTUS nominee. However, if for some weird reason he IS the LP POTUS nominee, he will have my vote because he is CLEARLY better than Obama and the GOP names I’m currently hearing being mentioned.

I’ve got to be honest here, I’m thinking it is WAY too early to start seriously thinking about the 2012 Presidential race, even for us Libertarians.


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  1. I agree with you about it being to early for more than idle chatter in regards to who is running for President. I mean, we have a gubernatorial election next year and we still don’t necessarily have everyone announced for the various state offices. To discuss campaigns as far out as 2012? It’s far, far to early for anyone to be that serious IMHO.

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