“Viable” Candidates?

Through the years, we’ve all heard about people voting for the “lesser of two evils”, and how they vote against candidate A because candidate B is the only “viable” option. The mentality is that third party candidates aren’t viable. They say that because they can’t win supposedly.

Well, as things stand, they can’t. The Big Two parties have the system locked up. While the Libertarian Party has ballot access all over, most third parties aren’t so lucky. Candidates have to jump through hoops and often spend a chunk of their war chest just to get petitions signed to get on the ballot. This gives the Democrats and Republicans an unfair advantage.

Then, we lump in the media. You know, the media that both sides says has bias against them? Talk radio or television, it doesn’t matter. Third parties get zero coverage. Their candidates are often punchlines in the grand scheme of things. This makes fund raising even more difficult, and with the millions required for many elections, it’s just not going to happen.

However, here’s the thing about the media. They follow the stories, no matter what it is. Ross Perot made a big splash as a third party, because he made himself the story the press wanted to follow. How did he do it when other third party candidates couldn’t? He had name recognition and his own money to run a presidential campaign.

However, that’s not the only method. Perot would have been, at best, a footnote were it not for one inescapable fact: People supported him. They supported him in droves never before seen in our lifetimes for an independent candidate. That will always make the press look. And why did people support him? Because they didn’t like the other two choices. Perot said what people were wanting, and they flocked to him.

So now we get to the crux of this post. If you want a viable candidate you actually want to vote for, support the candidate you like most. So what if they’re polling low. Help to get them up. Your vote and support may make others look, who make others look, and so on. That is grass roots at it’s finest. So make a stand. Quit voting for the lesser evil. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.


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