Independence Day Tea Party?

The Next Big Thing!

As one of the people that helped organized one of the thousands of Tea Parties across our nation on tax day, I believe that the effort was a huge success. I heard that a conservative estimate of the turnout nationwide was more than 260,000 people. With all of those individuals, one might conclude that there would be at least one incidence of violence, destruction, or lawlessness. There was not a single report of such. Not one.

This lack of violence is a reflection of the Tea Party attendees as much as it was of the organizers. The people that came out wanted a chance for their voices to be heard. So often we feel like our letters and e-mails to our Representatives and Senators fall on deaf ears. If we get a reply at all, it is nothing more than a form letter sent out to all of the citizens that complained about that particular issue. Is anyone listening?

Following the Tea Party in Albany, a gentleman approached me to ask what we can do to change the course in America. He sees how fast the face of our nation is changing and he fears that just replacing Congress in 2010 is too late. What can we do? That is the million dollar question. Now that we have the attention of Congress, we need to keep the fire stoked. Some in our grassroots movement are calling for another big event on the 4th of July. Others think that such a gathering on the holiday will not work. What do you think? I would love to hear your input. Contrary to the remarks of some of the members of Congress, we were not funded by a television channel or bankrolled by a handful of wealthy conservatives. This is a movement of the people, by the people and for the people. You may comment at the bottom of this blog or send your suggestions to me directly at

Yours in Liberty,

Bill Waller


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  1. I definitely think the tea parties on July 4th will be larger and even better organized than their predecessors on April 15th. is a site that helps you find a local independence day tea party or organize your own if one doesn’t exist! The site really makes it easy to organize and really get a movement going in your local area! This is the next step that we all are pushing for!!

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