Ray McBerry Campaign Responds to State Senator Chip Rogers

Dear Senator Chip Rogers,

Your speech on Saturday to the statewide College Republicans included, “it doesn’t really matter which candidate you get behind, as long as they have an R next to their name.”

I would submit to you that this is precisely what is wrong with the Republican party.

In a Republican controlled government, we have the advance of Fascism (an appearance of private property, when in fact the government controls and regulates everything in the private sector), the most restrictive gun laws in the nation (yeah, we even beat California), an un-Constitutional (the Georgia Constitution, that is) and illegal voting system, the most liberal abortion law in the nation, a 30% drop out rate in our schools, we are 49th in the nation for education, and business regulations in the private sector are out of control and appalling.

This is not a record to be proud of. I would hope that you would reconsider this position, and begin to preach real freedom.

The arbiters of tyranny in our state are Republicans. We have found the enemy, and he is us.

It is time to change that. And it begins with radical purging within our own rakes, and a rededication to Constitutionalism and limited government.

Furthermore, there is only one prolife candidate for Governor. The Republican party has failed the unborn in Georgia. That is completely unacceptable. The House and Senate trump legislation that is utterly worthless, and unenforceable as if it is prolife legislation. It is an abomination. God spews out the lukewarm.

Would we dare to assert ourselves before a sovereign God, pleading mercy and justice, while the blood of 35,000 children yearly, pleads more loudly for mercy and justice?

It is my duty as a citizen to rebuke elected officials, as it is the duty of all citizens of Georgia. I submit to you that we have failed you in this capacity. But I will fail no longer. It is my hope that you will lead by serving, and you will serve by recognizing that the government is bound in chains to the Constitution.

When you are faithful in this, you will not find a more true supporter and defender than myself.

For the Life and Liberty of Georgians, born and unborn, ~Jenny Hodges

-Jenny Hodges is a friend of SWGA Politics and a frequent commenter at PeachPundit. She is also the National Director of Pro Life Unity and the campaign manager for Ray McBerry.


One Response

  1. I actually agree with most of what McBerry said, except for the pro-life stuff. However, where was this indignation prior to his run for governor?

    If it’s there, then great, but I haven’t seen it before. And gun rights? Sorry sir, but Chip Rogers has been a dogged and determined defender of our rights and has worked hard to help us get them back.

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