State Senator Rogers Responds to Ray McBerry Campaign

The following is State Senator Chip Rogers’ response to the letter from the Ray McBerry campaign posted here on SWGA Politics (and many other places) this morning:

Dear Jenny,

Thanks for your message.

If you intended to email me directly, my address is readily available Feel free to use it for email directed to me.

However, if your intent is to air your complaint in a public manner, I trust you are satisfied.

I assume, based upon your Biblical quotations, you value truth. If this is indeed the case you are aware that I did not state “it doesn’t really matter which candidate you get behind, as long as they have an R next to their name.”

My position Saturday was as the host of the event. It would have been in disgustingly poor taste for me to encourage the college republicans to support any specific candidate, particularly in light of the fact that most of the candidates were in attendance and could speak for themselves.

My statement, which you mischaracterized, was almost verbatim “I am not here to tell you to support any specific candidate. I am glad you are here and involved in the process.”

I trust the students are intelligent enough to listen to each candidate and determine for themselves who to support.

As you are also aware, the specific focal point of my speech was that elections matter. Who we elect to public office does indeed make a difference as we see with the current administration in Washington D.C.

Finally, it is not my place to give you advice but in this case I will. I have never found it a successful practice to go out of my way to try and make enemies of anyone, particularly those who would most likely be my friend.

I pray for you and that you will see we all fall short in the eyes of God. The same blood of redemption was shed for the least of us as the greatest of us.


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