Ken Hodges Running for Attorney General

Former Dougherty County District Attorney Ken Hodges will announce in just a few hours that he is running for Attorney General, the seat being vacated by his close personal friend Thurbert Baker due to Baker’s run for Governor.

For the news I saw and my reaction to when Mr. Hodges first announced the possibility, see this WALB article or this earlier post on SWGA Politics, ‘Ken Hodges for AG? Let’s Hope Not


8 Responses

  1. Hodges is a disgrace. Not fit to hold office. How does so much of his track record get swept under the rug??

  2. I think Ken is a great candidate – the lawsuit has not played out in court and so the “facts” remain to be verified. We need tough, fair-minded person like Ken in the Attorney General position. He put a lot of convicted criminals away as our DA. He defended Phoebe’s right to provide quality health care treatment to indigent people throughout SW GA. That’s what this latest lawsuit is really about – another venue for “Phoebe-phobes” to harass. If you boil it down one more level, it is about racist hatred toward blacks and any person or institution who treats them fairly. Ken was a leader for the black community – e.g. King Day activities.

  3. To declare that Ken Hodges has been a leader for the African American community is absurd. The King Day activities were created by the mostly white power brokers and their handpicked blacks who used the event to promote themselves and their personal and professional agendas. For proof, simply look at how the King Day awards glorified the people in Hodges’ good old boy network — Tommy Chatmon, John Culbreath, C.W. Grant, etc. For more proof, look outside the borders of Dougherty County … in Muscogee County, Hodges has been lambasted for racism by African Americans.

    As for Phoebe, Hodges certainly did defend the hospital’s arrogant, scoff-law leadership — as he continues to do today at Baudino Associates Law Firm, where he is paid big bucks to help Phoebe devour competitors, hide money in off-shore accounts and push for political clout rather than patient care. He abused his authority when he did Phoebe a favor by inappropriately (if not outright illegally) turning over phone records to its attorneys to help them identify the authors of fax “factoids.” Meanwhile, you failed to mention that Hodges’ wife held a high-paying Phoebe job.

    The latest lawsuit is about how the rights of others were trampled through Hodges’ malicious misbehavior and Phoebe’s leadership’s greed. Harassment is their area of expertise, not the plaintiffs’.

    Finally, Hodges may have started off prosecuting cases as DA, but for years he has been far too busy taking care of his own political agenda and protecting his cronies to spend time pursuing justice in the courtroom. ADAs quietly did the real work while Hodges showed up for the photo ops.

    He held back equity and progress for years in Dougherty County. Should he become Attorney General, he will have more scope to do more harm to more people.

  4. Amen!

  5. Roger, it is certainly your right to send out emails supporting Ken Hodges, etc. But as to the referenced lawsuit, a gederal judge has determined it is about PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT and nothing else. Ken hodges should not have prosecuted anyone as a foavor, he should not have investigated anyone as a favor, and he should not have taken Phoebe money to do so. Do you really think Ken’s wife got a cushy job at Phoebe for any reason other than another pay back for the “favor”? Ken may regret it all now, but not as much as he will after it costs him his dream of being Attorney General. Roger, you know the truth, don’t be blinded by the fun of playing political advisor to Ken.

  6. Stay tuned……then decide if Ken Hodges is the right person for the position of AG for Georgia……

    In the mean time…….think about JFK Jr. while waiting!

    I’ll report, you decide!

  7. Ken Hodges would make a great Attorney General. Hodges is the only candidate in the race who has worked as a DA. The allegations repeatedly mentioned on this website about his handling of the Phoebe hospital incident are pure rumor. I believe that we should suspend judgment until after the case is decided in the fall.

    Instead, people on this site should be focusing upon what is actually known about Hodges. He has a record of taking on political corruption (see the Sidney Dorsey case) and is well-respected in the field (he was named Attorney of the Year in 2002).

    Hodges has the type of bipartisan appeal that makes him an extremely interesting candidate in this race. I believe that this is one of the few statewide races that the Democrats have a chance of winning in 2010 and I am very interested to see how this race plays out.

  8. nice try, anon, but next time try not coming on in here with more ken hodges wikipedia biocrapic info.

    we’ll see how it plays out when you all get a candidate who can win. remember, its the entire state he has to get on board.

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