Musings on the 2nd District Candidates

I met with the announced Republican candidate, Lee Ferrell, last night. I had his ear for about two hours over supper. This man is a plethora of information on Veterans Affairs. Our military should be supported and I agree that is a noble cause, but what about the other issues? I asked him about school vouchers, one of the topics from his web site. He couldn’t give me the details on his plan. In an effort to deflect the question, he said, “But I’ll tell you one thing. If we don’t win the current war there will be no need to improve the education system.” He later confessed that farming and education are his weak points. I told him that Veterans Affairs is a great cause, but we only have two bases in the district. Other than those bases and others that have served, that is not the main concern of the constituents.

Representative Sanford Bishop has a tiny scandal with the Jr. Marshall Program. That news received a little press in Columbus, but not much anywhere else, and it could be used in the campaign. Ferrell said that no charges will be brought on that and he wanted to run a noble campaign attacking Bishop on his record alone.

I had hoped that Mr. Ferrell was a candidate that I could get behind. After looking at his web site, I found that we share many of the same views. However, after talking to him, I found that he lacks the “fire in the belly” that one would expect from a serious candidate with the one exception of the military.

Lee Ferrell, the candidate, said he only raised $10K during the last election and he ran it without a staff. Bishop spent $490K. Ferrell got 71K votes or 31%. Bishop got 158K votes or 69%. That isn’t too bad for Ferrell considering the money he spent. What would have happened if he was serious about the race and passionate about the issues? Contrary to popular belief, I feel that this district is winnable and it can be won without a huge war chest. If we are running a single issue candidate, the issue needs to be the 2nd District!

Bill Waller


2 Responses

  1. This is a district that has a black voting population of 48% to 50% white. This is not a winnable dostrict for a republican. The only way a republican can win here if half of the black voting population stays home & mass number of white voters leave bishop in droves. The only way bishop gets defeated is if he decides he has had enough of congress & resign from his seat.

  2. Bill: good to see someone is interested in this race. I have a post on my blog regarding the drafting of Karen Kemp from Sylvester/Albany as the GOP candidate in the 2nd District. I would not be surprised if Bishop is the next Agriculture Secretary if Vilsack gets bored and (while I like Bishop) we must plan to have a Albany/Valdosta member of congress next.

    I hope it okay, that I add your blog to our blogroll.

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