Privatized Airports?

Working on my ‘John Oxendine and Liberty’ posts, one of his key issues has been Transportation, and I genuinely expect this to be the case with nearly any Governor candidate, as it is a key issue throughout the state.

I’ve proposed some very non-conventional ideas in that realm in those posts, but now there is proof that they can, in fact, become reality.

According to this post in Cato At Liberty, the blog of the Cato Institute, a private airport in Branson, Mo is scheduled to begin flights on May 11. This airport is genuinely private, with zero government funds used.

And while several airports internationally have been privatized, including airports in Athens, Rome, London, Sydney, and Vienna, this will be the first US airport to be built completely at private expense.

I may very well have to fly to Branson now, just to support this endeavor.


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