Trash Talk

Lee County is having a problem collecting money for trash pick-up.

I have read that a remedy the county is considering is to simply tack the trash fee onto the property taxes each year. That would amount to a huge increase in the annual bill of each property owner. Why should all of the property owners be subject to a solution designed to reign in the delinquency of a few?

How can this be a major problem? If people do not want to pay their bill, do not provide the service. It is that simple. Pick up the trash cans that have been issued to each house and do not give the cans back until the bills are paid in full and institute a heavy fine if a delinquent homeowner is using or caught taking the trash can of a neighbor. County officials do not know how many trash cans are currently in use by the residents though.

Perhaps Lee County could look for a vendor to not only collect the trash but to also collect the revenues. Putting services like this in private hands rather than under the control of the government is always the best solution. I cannot imagine a private company not knowing how many trash cans are in use by its customers.

If this is a glimpse of what life will be like with universal health care, I cannot wait!


3 Responses

  1. Another problem with the Lee County plan is those who own property but rent it out will have to pay the fees for their delinquent tenants. Those property owners don’t want to have to be responsible to pay for a service they don’t actually use.

    It’s simple. If you don’t pay, your trash piles up. How hard can this really be?

  2. The issue is bigger than that, moving collection to the Tax bill is currently done in many counties in GA. There is nothing in the ordance for partical amounts of time.

    The root cause still exists, they are being billed by the can, but they don’t know how many cans they have. How do you audit a bill received?

  3. I was an intern with the city manager’s office in Americus during grad school and new businesses would use the dumpsters from the previous tenants for months without paying. Computers should have put an end to this because a new business license application in one part of City Hall should trigger flags in other parts of city government.

    Leesburg and Lee County are experiencing growing pains. That is the reason Americus civil leaders fought four lane highway connections for years.

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