John Oxendine and Liberty, Part 2a: Oxendine Business Plan: Goal to Agriculture

Part 1 of this ‘John Oxendine and Liberty’ post dealt with the ‘Transportation‘ and ‘Family Values‘ pages in the Issues section of This post deals with the ‘Business‘ page, from the heading ‘The Oxendine Goal’ through the heading ‘Agriculture, the King of Georgia Business’.

‘The Oxendine Goal’:

Make Georgia the most business-friendly state in America.

A noble and admirable goal in fact. But I doubt Mr. Oxendine will be able to accomplish it, because he intends to get government MORE involved in business and individual decisions, when the correct way to assume a ‘pro-business’ stance is to REMOVE government from business and individual decisions.

‘The Oxendine Belief’:

A conservative, free market approach to government will create jobs; enhance revenue for the state without new taxes and burdensome regulations. Thereby, improving the quality of life for all Georgians.

Mr. Oxendine, you and your fellow conservatives only want to GROW government regulations. How does that encourage the free market? It in fact does exactly the opposite, slowing the free market from achieving the results that are best for all concerned. Again, the correct solution is LOWERED government regulation of both business and individual decisions, resulting in higher quality of life for a business’s employees and higher profit for the business itself.

‘The Oxendine Mission’:

Aggressively support the Georgia business community

In other words, bail the businesses out of their own inept decisions? Interesting, because that is one of the very things a majority of Georgians OPPOSE.

encouraging ethical business practices

I’m glad to see that you are once again admitting you would use government force to limit Freedom, in this case of both a business AND the individuals involved. Remember, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, Mr. Oxendine.

ensuring the state’s future as economically prosperous, educationally competitive and environmentally responsible

Get government out of the way, Mr. Oxendine, and if Georgians really want these things, the free market will provide them.

‘The Oxendine Pledge’:

To support and include the diverse community of Georgia businesses in the policy-making arenas of state government; to protect Georgia’s pro-business environment, …, to listen to and partner with Georgia business leaders to guarantee a pro-business state government

In other words, you plan on listening to lobbyists rather than the citizens of Georgia. Again, I’m glad you’re admitting this already.

I will support legislation which cuts taxes and curtails the expansion of government.

Interesting, because we saw in Part 1 how you plan to do just the opposite with both tax cuts (via your transportation ideas) and expansion of government (via your family values ideas). Of course, I’m sure we’re also to see more of these hypocrisies later in this very post.

‘The Commission for a New Georgia’:

I will continue this conservative, free market public-private partnership approach to improving state government, and I will reach out to the current leaders in this effort and bring new ones to the team.

There is no free market when the government is involved, Mr. Oxendine! Furthermore, this is yet more proof that you intend to continue to talk when Georgia needs ACTION to solve our problems! We know what the solution is: Get government out of the picture. We don’t need you to continue to TALK about it while ENLARGING government involvement! The best argument against government is government, sir!

‘Transporation and Congestion’:

I pledge to work with the Get Georgia Moving Coalition, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, our Community Improvement Districts, our Regional Economic Development Centers, the Georgia Municipal Association, the Georgia Association of County Commissioners, the Atlanta Regional Commission, Georgian’s for Better Transportation.

Well, now we know the exact lobbyists Mr. Oxendine plans to listen to, which is probably as close to Bill Engvall’s ‘NASCAR’ suit for politicians as we’re going to get. Thank you for the list, Mr. Oxendine, but I’m sure the majority of Georgians will agree with me that we want you to listen to US, not lobbyists.

A referendum-based effort to generate funding to relieve congestion

In other words, you plan to give us two options to raise our taxes and tell us to pick one. Interesting, because I prefer taxes NOT to be raised.

Proactive steps must be taken now to create a sustainable transportation funding system. Such a system should maintain our current transportation investments, help alleviate the current shortfall in transportation funding and allow for strategic expansion and enhancement of projects of a variety of modes.

The single most proactive thing you can do for Transportation, Mr. Oxendine, is to get government out of the industry altogether. Allow the free market to do its job in providing goods and services people want at a price they are willing to pay. Don’t force Albany to pay for Atlanta’s mass transit system!

‘A United Georgia’:

As Governor, I will make it a point to travel across Georgia, hold regular office hours in each congressional district, and have a mobile Governor’s office.

Mr. Oxendine, these luxuries sound nice, but you do know we’re in the middle of a massive recession, right? How do you plan to pay for all of these extra offices – which I’m assuming will be furnished nearly as nicely as the Governor’s Office in the Gold Dome – as well as this mobile office – which not only will be a luxury transport of some sort, but will also require fuel to run and funds to maintain?

‘The Georgia Allies’:

I will work to create a larger budget for the Department of Economic Development.

I’m glad to see you state so bluntly your preferred state agency. Which ones will you cut to save this agency, or will you raise the taxes of all Georgians instead?

I will expand Georgia’s activity in business recruitment, supporting existing industry, innovation, supporting our small businesses, supporting our major corporations and supporting our non-profits.

I will expand our international business operations and efforts. I will work to win more Consul General Offices in Georgia starting with China and India.

I will expand to a second Georgia office in China and open an office in India, Vietnam, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, and Eastern Europe.

I will lead the effort to establish a SEUS/China and a SEUS/India.

Again, same points as above: Which agencies do you intend to cut to do this, or do you intend to raise our taxes? Not to mention that expanding these programs IS, in fact, expansion of government, which you said earlier in this very document you would NOT do.


I will work to expand educational opportunities in Georgia – at every level – to provide the greatest diversity to attract business to Georgia.

Neither education nor diversity is within the legitimate functions of government, Mr. Oxendine. Again, get government out of education and let parents pay for the education they want their child to receive. Through this, you will genuinely advance the education level of the citizens of this state.

Georgia needs the best teachers and the best teachers need a fair salary and professional and safe working conditions.

Mr. Oxendine, I used to be a teacher. There is no way for you to understand the HADES I went through without also being a teacher. But if by ‘professional and safe working conditions’, you mean conditions where a student who assaults another person – be they student or adult – will immediately be arrested and where a Superintendent who abuses the power entrusted to him or her will be prosecuted, I do support you here.


A John Oxendine Administration will support the Georgia farmer and rancher.

Mr. Oxendine, just as with any other business, it is NOT the job of government to support the farmer or rancher, but it is the job of the farmer and rancher to support themselves.

I’m sure that statement pisses off a lot of people here in SWGA, but here’s what I say to those people: Do you REALLY want smaller government, or do you just want programs you DISagree with to be eliminated?

Agriculture is the largest industry in Georgia and I pledge to our farmers and ranchers to work to make sure state government is helping you grow the food which feeds Georgia and the world and not putting unnecessary taxes, regulations, fees, and burdens in your way.

No, Mr. Oxendine, you’re just going to put those taxes, regulations, fees, and burdens on OTHER people. Yeah, that’s worked REAL well so far, hasn’t it?

I support HR 1071 and SR 1300 and urge Governor Perdue to suspend the sales tax on off road diesel fuel for the rest of 2008.

Assuming government must be involved in at least roads, the fuel tax is one of the very few taxes that actually makes sense, and since even many ‘off road’ farming vehicles DO get on the road at some point, they should also pay taxes on maintaining said roads.

I support SB 49 – the Landowners Protection Act of 2008 and urge its passage in 2009.

Admiteddly, I just started tracking the Senate this session. Can someone please tell me which bill this became this session, if any? I’ll comment on it at that point.

I will work with the Georgia agriculture community to expand Georgia agriculture products on a global scale.

In other words, you plan to use Georgia taxpayer money to fly around the globe doing the marketing that the Ga agriculture community should be doing for itself privately. How do you plan to pay for this, sir? By cutting other programs, or by raising taxes?

Therefore, we must view all future transportation projects with a priority on our agriculture industry.

I’m sure there are various other constituencies, such as metro Atlantans worried more about congestion, that aren’t going to be very pleased with this statement, Mr. Oxendine.

A John Oxendine Administration will put a high priority on making sure we can have Georgia agriculture compete on a global basis

So not only do you support the idea that government should do the marketing job of private organizations, but you also support expanding said marketing efforts at tremendous expense to Ga taxpayers. Again, Mr. Oxendine, how do you plan to pay for this?

Georgia, especially our local governments, must make accommodations for the agriculture community when imposing water use policies during the drought.

So not only are certain citizens more equal than others, you also support the State having final control of local decisions. At least I’m glad you’re being open and honest, Mr. Oxendine.

These are Georgia families and Georgia jobs and we must do all we can to preserve and protect these small businesses and jobs.

In other words, you do NOT support the Free Market, as on the Free Market everyone gets what they pay for and they pay for what they get. You support the idea of government ‘protecting’ and ‘preserving’ certain people and businesses FROM the Free Market – which is exactly the kind of government interference in the Free Market that has gotten us into the mess we are currently in at all levels of government.


2 Responses

  1. Ox doesn’t understand what a free market is. That much is obvious I believe.

    Of course, how many in the field actually do?

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