We Have Rights…Sort Of

In a recent Albany Herald article, state Senator Freddie Powell Sims talks briefly about consolidation between Albany and Dougherty County. Here’s her quote from the Herald:

“People think consolidation is a tough issue for me to talk about, but it’s not,” Sims, an Albany Democrat and retired educator, said earlier this week. “What I said while all the talk about consolidation was going on is what I say now: We need to have resolution from the city and county before we move the issue forward.

“I absolutely believe our citizens should have the right to decide the consolidation issue. And in my constant communications (during the session) with chairman of the Dougherty County Commission Jeff Sinyard and Albany Mayor Willie Adams, the indication I’ve gotten is that they agree. But there needs to be an opportunity for the city and county commissions to look at the bill first … It’s the right thing to do.”

So, Ms Sims believes we have a right to vote, but not really?  I ask because I believe that it’s obvious ath Chairman Sinyard and Mayor Adams have zero interest in the citizens of Dougherty County getting a vote on Consolidation.  They have thrown up roadblocks at every step in any way that they could.  Mayor Adams has gone so far as to claim that Consolidation is racist, just to try and difuse support of such an act.

Now, it’s important to note that this bill has no language in it to force consolidation upon us.  No, it simply requires a vote by the citizens of Dougherty County, meaning that the decision is simply made at the local level in the most democratic way possible.  We The People vote.

Once again, I have to believe that this is about power.  Mayor Adams has shown time and time again that he’s more interested in power than the well-being of Albany’s citizens.  He wants his hands in the MEAC funds.  He wants Carol Fullerton removed from the WG&L board without following the correct procedures (and without cause I might add).  He even accepted a laptop from Mediacom right before reauthorizing their monopoly.  Yep, Mayor Adams has shown power is what he’s most interested in.

However, now is the chance for Mayor Adams to leave a lasting, and positive, legacy for all times.  He can drop the rhetoric and understand that the people of Albany deserve the opportunity to decide for themselves.  State Senator Sims feels we have that right, and according to her, Mayor Adams and Commissioner Sinyard feel we have that right too.  So why not back off and let the people decide for themselves?

Oh yeah, I forgot.  Doing so might mean less offices for those who seek power, which means more competition.  They definitely don’t want THAT.


3 Responses

  1. Senator Sims has an alternative consolidation proposal which is updated and improved. I believe that the City will vote on the issue but I’m not so sure about the County. The voters in the unincorporated County seems to be strongly opposed to consolidation primarily due to racial fears.

  2. Roger,

    First off, I haven’t agreed with a word you’ve said in your comments yet, but THANK YOU for commenting, and I sincerely hope you become an active member of our community here at SWGA Politics.

    That said, I stand by the fact that the locals should be allowed to vote on this, up or down, no later than the 2010 General Election – and preferably AT the 2010 General Election.

  3. Roger,

    Thanks for the heads up on that. I sincerely look forward to reading Senator Sims proposal and comparing it to Mr. Rynder’s proposal.

    As for the racial fears, I’m curious as to in which regard. As I’ve already reported on this blog, the black vote in Albany is 64% per the 2000 census, while throughout Dougherty County it dilutes down to only 60%, which is still a sizeable majority. Is this white who fear black encroachment into the county governance? I’m genuinely curious about your thoughts on this matter.

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