Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?

by Brad Forschner

I’m sure this note will invite feelings and responses from many, and I welcome them. From many of my friends and associates, I hear or read comments about the subject. I usually don’t make any comments, because my point of view on the subject is complex, and cannot be defined as one side or the other.

First and foremost, it is not a federal issue, and should be handled at the state level. It is a personal and moral decision that at most should be decided at the state level. Personally, abortion is never an option, and likewise, never a question. I’m a man. Like prostitution, drugs, murder, and such, abortions will continue regardless of the legality.

I could never advise someone to get an abortion. It’s not a decision I could make. Even if I was the father of an unborn child, I have no say in the matter. If abortion is a matter of legal discussion, such a discussion should also include the father’s rights and consents. Neither side is willing to talk about that.

Abortions will continue whether legal or not. I guess I would prefer if an abortion is to happen, I’d rather see it done medically and with counseling and care. If an abortion is illegal, could a woman be detained or restrained to prevent her from harming a fetus? Could a man order his wife restrained? Could any man claiming to be the father order a woman restrained? On the other hand, if abortions are legal, can man object to his wife’s abortion? Could any man claiming to be the father object? Could a man require his wife to abort a pregnancy? Could any man request an abortion by claiming to be the father? Are the father’s responsibilities such as child support voided if the man requests an abortion? Should the man be held responsible if the woman did not give him the option to abort?

There are many questions of rights, limits, and common senses that need to be discussed, and until both sides are ready to discuss them, I don’t want to hear about this fight anymore.

-Brad Forschner is a friend and colleague of Jeff’s on the LP-Ga Executive Committee.


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