Being Libertarian

Recently, Jeff and I were accused of being “right wing republicans” in a post over on Project Logic  GA by a commenter who was, let’s just say “critical” of my feelings towards Ken Hodges.  Obviously, it’s this person’s right to say such things, despite it being wrong (he has been given corrected information by the way), but it’s been racking around the back of my brain all day.

You see, I’m frankly insulted by the comment.  First, I don’t see how we could be labeled as republican when Jeff is getting hand cramps from blasting John Oxendine (a republican), and I’ve written posts talking about legalizing pot, I just don’t see how one can label us so quickly as republican.  Libertarians have some common ground with old school Republicans, true.  We favor smaller government, lower (or non-existent) taxes, more state and local control, things like that.  Were Republicans of today like that, I could honestly see a mistake like that.

The thing that insulted me is this:  Republicans have betrayed their own principles once they were in power.  Instead of smaller government, they gave us Medicare Part D and the Department of Homeland Security.  Instead of being the Constitutionalists they pretended to be, they gave us the US PATRIOT Act.

Make no mistake, I have no great love for Democrats.  However, they have a tendency to do exactly what they say they’ll do.  They’ll tell you that they want to implement socialized health care and expand government.  They might beat around the bush when it comes to raising taxes, but rarely do they pretend to be anything other than a group that wants to expand the government.  They, at least, stick to their principles.

So no, I’m not a Republican, and I never will be.  The only Republican I have ever voted for was Dr. Ron Paul in the Georgia Republican Primary.  I would have gladly voted for him in the General Election as well, but I never got that chance.  I am a card-carrying Libertarian.

I want smaller government, and I want the freedom to do as I wish so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.  I want the right to eat cheese fries loaded with trans fats.  I want to be able to drive down the highway at 55 mph with no seatbelt on, or on my motorcycle with no helmet, and know that if my brain gets splattered on the road that it’s my own fault and no one but my insurance will pay the bills.  I want the right to donate to the charity of my choice because I actually like what they’re doing, rather than have a bureaucrat in Washington, DC decide who will get my money and what it can be use for.  I want to carry my gun into a convenience store in the unlikely event that some sick bastard decides he wants to use that place for his own personal shooting gallery.

I want to be free!  And frankly, the Democrats and Republicans have both done a sorry job and keeping us as the land of the free and home of the brave!

Right wing, left wing, who cares?  Libertarians are the lone middle finger stretching upward saying “Hi!  How do you like me now?” to the rest of the nation.  Get used to it!


3 Responses

  1. AMEN!!!!!!

  2. Very nicely said! (yet with a the proper amount of teeth to it).

  3. Thanks Nick! I’m glad I got the balance right…that’s hard to do too 😉

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