Marginalizing The Tea Parties

On April 15, tens of thousands of people literally took to the streets to protest the federal government. Most protested using tax dollars for stimulus. Others focused on auditing the Federal Reserve Bank. In Atlanta alone, estimates are that 15,000 people showed up to have their voices heard. However, the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s blog begs to differ in this post by Jim Galloway.

Mr. Galloway gives one a ton of reasons why there weren’t that many people, mostly geography based.  In all honesty, as someone who’s knowledge of the layout of Atlanta is rudimentary at best, it sounds plausible and Mr. Galloway’s estimate of 6,500 to 7,500 sounds very possible.  However, there’s one inescapable tid bit of information that Mr. Galloway fails to mention, even while chastizing other news outlets for repeating the 15,000 “myth” as he puts it.  That number didn’t come from Tea Party organizers, nor Fox News as he alludes to.  No, it came from the Altanta Police Department.

You see, the Atlanta Police don’t have a stake in what the protests were about, especially since the vast majority present were in favor of police presence.  Instead, they made estimates based on their need to be able to respond to potential trouble.  While it might be high, and I willingly conceed that point, it’s still likely to be much closer in my opinion.

What’s also amusing is that I don’t recall Mr. Galloway blasting numbers for any of the other protests in recent memory.  The counts for pro-immigration marches all over the nation a few years ago, and it counts for the anti-war protests.  Even Mr. Galloway mentions that news organizations rarely sweat the count. “Since the ‘60s, when demonstrations erupted in full flower, news organizations have been loathe to get bogged down in crowd counts,” writes Mr. Galloway.  Then why now?

Tens of thousands of Americans take to the streets to protest our government overstepping the bounds set upon them by the founding fathers, and now Mr. Galloway wants to question the numbers?  It smacks to me of the counter protests at Tea Parties, asking where we were for the last 8 years.  As if somehow right and wrong are tied into right and left.

I won’t deny that the estimates might be high.  I argue about the necessity of arguing about it in the first place.  The only logical reason is to decrease the impact of April 15 protests.  Well, I won’t allow that to happen if I can help it.  The fact remains that tens of thousands in the US made a stand against oppression.  We will have to make more, but the die is cast and the future is ours.

Can we take our nation back, even with people like Mr. Galloway trying to trivialize our efforts?  YES WE CAN!


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