A Libertarian Paradise Part 1: Economic Freedom

People often think they understand Libertarian thought, but usually they try to boil down the entire party platform with “you’re the guys who want to legalize pot, right?”  Yes, that’s our entire platform in a nutshell.  Nothing about getting government out of our day to day lives.  But that’s almost preferable to being “the guys who hate poor people.”

In any economy, you will have the “haves” and the “have nots” simply because of human nature.  People will work towards accumulating wealth and power (often the same things) regardless of the economic system.  The only difference is the route by which one must go to get it.  Capitalism, in it’s truly free form (which we do not have in this nation), actually…um…capitalizes (sorry, but it’s the best word) on this tendency and redirects it toward the betterment of the entire society.

People will always want wealth, so by letting them work towards it without prohibition, they ultimately create new jobs all on their own.  They don’t need federal stimulus or corporate welfare, they just get to do what they need to.  However, what’s to prevent an monopoly?  Honestly, that’s a great question.

First, for a Libertarian Paradise to exist, the ties between business and government must be severed.  Monopolies exist primarily because of government.  So, in the Libertarian Paradise, there are no regulations on who can sell you cable service, or who you have to get your phone service through.  If one company becomes to big and powerful, they will invariably start to discount their customers and alienate them.  This has happened time and time again.  So, someone else starts up a new company to compete.  Soon, the giant is back down to size, and we now have to companies competing for your dollars, and jobs have increased overall as a result of this competition.  Plus, even more companies can come in and compete, making it better all around.

Now, the charge I mentioned earlier about how Libertarians don’t care about the poor.  That’s unfair and untrue.  It’s not that Libertarians don’t care about poor people.  Instead, it’s just a case of we believe that government is a good way to screw up anything.  In a Libertarian Paradise, private charities take over the role of providing for the poor.  Health care, clothing, food, housing, all done with private charity.  And how will this be funded you ask?  Simple.  In a Libertarian Paradise, people will have more money to donate, so many more will.  Or, conversely, if they don’t donate it, they’ll probably spend it, meaning there will be more jobs which will mean fewer poor.

You see, your money will remain your money.  While I believe some form of taxation is necessary, it can’t be anything resembling our current system.  The idea of working for 3-4 months for the government is called slavery, and that has never set well with me.  Instead, a sales tax of some sorts maybe, though hopefully simpler than the Fair Tax, will be utilized instead.  Honestly, who knows.  So long as it’s not something like this income tax we currently have, I’m remarkably OK with it.

Your money is yours, and you’re free to spend it however you want.  However you should be aware that you’re responsible for the repercussions of your actions.  If you don’t want to drive without insurance, then so be it…but if you get in a wreck that’s your fault, the other person can file suit and take the money, with the help of the courts, to pay for repairs and any medical bills due to your carelessness.  If you don’t have health insurance and you’re seriously injured in a wreck, you or your family will be responsible for paying as well.

You see, economic freedom sounds all wonderful on the surface, and it truly is.  However, with freedom comes responsibility, something our nation has been lacking for some time.  If you screw up, you have to pay the price…literally.  Perhaps having to do that would solve a few more problems we have in this nation.  Seriously, how many teenagers would be getting pregnant if they knew they’d have to foot the bill for everything?  Sure, it would happen, but not nearly in the epidemic proportions we currently have.  And there’s many other potential benefits to society besides just this.

Without Uncle Sam in your business, you’re free to make money and keep it.  Investments would go up.  Unemployment would go down.  Freedom would ring from sea to shining sea.  And the best part is, it won’t cost a dime to implement.  How’s THAT for stimulus?

What you have just read is my own interpretation of a Libertarian Paradise.  I’m sure there are others who agree, and more than a few who will disagree.  However, it still sounds a lot better than what we’ve got, and this isn’t a Utopian dream.  This, my friends, is real.


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