John Oxendine and Liberty, Part 2b: Oxendine Business Plan: Working for Georgia Business

Moving into the ‘Working for Georgia Business’ category, we find:

We must preserve and maintain a fair and impartial judicial system in Georgia.

I could not agree with Mr. Oxendine more on this point, as the Judiciary is one of very few legitimate functions of government. I just hope his use of ‘fair’ and mine coincide, as I remember once having an education professor who insisted that ‘fair’ did NOT mean doing the same thing in every situation, and I insist that it does. If two people come in who have committed the same crime under the same circumstances, they should receive the same punishment, regardless of ANY other factor.

A John Oxendine Administration will support a business friendly tax code which is fair, stable and encourages economic growth, entrepreneurial enterprise, and freedom. A John Oxendine Administration will support a repeal of sales tax on energy used in the manufacturing process and the elimination of the inventory ad valoreum tax.

The most business and freedom-friendly tax code is some form of flat tax with ZERO exceptions, yet in the very next line Mr. Oxendine is making exceptions to his tax system. Mr. Oxendine, if you’re going to be a hypocrite, try not to put the actions that make it obvious so close together, please!

A John Oxendine Administration will support a repeal of sales tax on energy used in the manufacturing process and the elimination of the inventory ad valoreum tax.

But isn’t the ‘Fair’ Tax supposed to apply to ALL sales, Mr. Oxendine? It isn’t quite so fair if you’re planning to grant an exception to big businesseses…

A John Oxendine Administration will insist upon less government regulation – no new mandates and no unnecessary regulatory burdens on Georgia business.

But you don’t mind placing additional regulatory burden on individuals by defining who they can marry or what language they can speak, among SEVERAL other issues previously discussed in this series. Interesting…

A John Oxendine Administration will focus on quality of life issues so we make Georgia a place that businesses want to relocate to and that means more jobs for more Georgians.

The best thing government can do to promote ‘quality of life’ is to get OUT of an individual’s life, Mr. Oxendine. Grant people the freedom to succeed or fail completely on their own, and they will choose the quality of life they want.

A John Oxendine Administration will support creating beneficial technology policies in Georgia. I will work to ensure that obstacles that are detrimental to long-term technological innovation and deployment are identified and removed and to ensure that beneficial policies are established. ??

Again, Mr. Oxendine, the single BEST way to do that is to remove government from the picture altogether. Don’t hinder them with regulatory burden, and don’t cushion their risk with taxpayer dollars if they fail. As the old saying goes sir, ‘Great reward comes only with great risk’. Also, I just HAVE to point this out: either you or someone on your staff evidently thinks this isn’t possible, as evidenced by the question marks!

A John Oxendine Administration will identify and utilize opportunities for business and industry to interact with and voice opinion to federal policy makers and other parties concerning key issues that affect the successful development and deployment of new and emerging technology products into the marketplace.

In other words, not only are you going to tax the citizens of Georgia to market private businesses in China, you’re also going to tax the citizens of Georgia to do the lobbying in DC for private businesses. Yet in your belief statement, you said ” A conservative, free market approach to government will create jobs” (emphasis mine). Mr. Oxendine, in the free market, businesses handle their OWN marketing and lobbying, without government assistance. I know you’ve been around a couple of decades more than me, but I learned early in life we have a word in the South for person of such duplicitous speech. It is ‘HYPOCRITE‘.

A John Oxendine Administration will oppose a state-level Occupational Safety and Health Administration agency. We must reduce excessive government regulation.

I DO try to be fair and point out where we agree, and on this one we are in complete agreement. Such government agencies should NOT exist, and I thank you for your opposition.

A John Oxendine Administration will support access to affordable health insurance for Georgia small business owners to benefit their employees. I would like to see small-business tax credits enacted to help offset the ever increasing costs of health insurance.

Again, you have no idea what a ‘free market’ is. This is nothing more than ‘Democrat-lite’. This plan is Obamacare, repackaged to appeal more to people who somehow think that government regulation that favors them is less tyrannical than government regulation which does not. Government regulation of private decisions is TYRANNY, Mr. Oxendine, and I thank you for admitting that you wish to be a tyrant.

I support policy reforms to balance the competing goals of access to quality care, affordability, predictability, and consumer choice.

And yet you JUST SAID that you want government to pay for it in the terms of tax credits. If truly left alone, the free market WILL provide all those things which you say you desire, and yet you propose continued government intervention! The problem with government is… government, Mr. Oxendine!

I believe to the greatest extent possible, Americans should receive their health insurance and healthcare through the private sector.

The ‘greatest extent possible’ is COMPLETELY, Mr. Oxendine. Yet clearly, you support government programs for SOME people.

Care must be taken to minimize the extent to which governmental safety nets crowd out private insurance and care.

Eliminate the safety net completely and you have truly ‘minimized’ it AND allowed the free market to work as it should.

I support the Georgia business community in believing that healthcare and tax laws should not push Americans into employer-provided or government-provided insurance programs and hobble the market for individually purchased policies.

Again, a great concept that I concur with you on, but I am worried about exactly how you intend to do this, given your other hypocritical statements.

A John Oxendine Administration will support consumers having many choices among insurers and providers.

No you won’t, because you’ve already stated four paragraphs above that you support giving businesses tax credits to “offset the ever increasing costs of health insurance”. This gives these businesses an advantage over the individual when shopping for insurance. ‘Many choices among insurers and providers’ would mean you would be allowing the free market to work, and we’ve already seen time and time again that you either don’t understand genuinely free markets, or you – or just as likely, your Big Insurance backers – are extremely afraid of the idea.

A John Oxendine Administration will support legislation to stop Federal government contract bundling, the practice of combining several smaller federal projects into one large package, too large for a small business to handle.

While I agree with you here in concept, I notice that you only oppose the Federal government doing this, which is something as a State Governor you have very little power over. Yet you are completely – and possibly intentionally – silent on the State of Georgia doing the exact same thing, even though as its Governor, you would have a great deal of power to have such practices stopped in this State.

A John Oxendine Administration will support opening up bidding to the private sector for commercial government services, from trash collection to food and lodging, which would allow the government to use the competitive marketplace to create jobs.

Gee… another politician claiming to ‘create’ jobs… once again sounds eerily similar to a currently sitting President…

Completely agree with the statement, up until the word ‘which’ though, and I do thank you for pledging to end government monopolies on services. Now, about Transportation and Education…

A John Oxendine Administration supports – “Drill Here, Dill Now, Pay Less”.

You support herbs? hmmm… got a certain one I could use your help legalizing… 🙂

Outside of the typo – and I’ve sure I’ve got several on this site as well – it is not a State’s place to conduct foreign policy. Now, if you wanted to open up drilling in the offshore areas near Georgia or even onshore within the State of Georgia, that would be something a State government should be allowed to do with no Federal interference. But the basic idea preached by many I’ve seen in Newt Gingrich’s ‘Drill Here’ movement is essentially foreign policy. We need better clarification from you of your ideas here at best, and at worst you need to go back to school and learn the responsibilities of the various levels of government, Mr. Oxendine.

A John Oxendine Administration will oppose government encroachment on the uses Georgia businesses can legitimately make of their property.

Define ‘legitimately’ please, Mr. Oxendine. With your other theocratic and hypocritical statements, use of such a word in an otherwise great position statement is cause for great concern, as I fear you would use your personal religious beliefs to determine what a ‘legitimate’ use of a piece of property is.

A John Oxendine Administration will work to ease complex environmental regulatory requirements placed on Georgia businesses, to bring a sense of equity to the regulations administered and to make policies more business friendly.

If you REALLY wanted to make them more friendly to both the consumer and the business, you would eliminate all regulatory requirements and let consumers vote with their pocketbooks as to which business policies they will support or oppose. Its a thing called the ‘free market’, which I know isn’t exactly your strong suit.

A John Oxendine Administration will support efforts to limit liability for Georgia businesses that legally followed existing laws and regulations and protect them from any response costs or damages due to a subsequent change in such laws or regulations.

So you don’t support a business being held liable for harm it caused, so long as it was following orders from government. Do you also oppose government being held liable for damage that its regulations cause? I’m assuming from this statement and several others that this is the case, but if I am wrong – and I know your campaign reads these posts – please let me know, as I would LOVE clarification here. Y’all have my number.

Assuming that you also oppose government being held liable, who then should be held liable for harm caused to an individual by bad action of a business? My own position is that there should never be any liability protection for businesses – or anyone, including government. If someone causes harm, the person or organization should be held liable in a court of law – be it civil or criminal – for the harm caused. No exceptions.

A John Oxendine Administration will oppose efforts to increase the federal minimum wage.

Again, this is not a function of a State government. Of course, the federal government should not have a mandated minimum wage for anyone other than its own employees, and I agree with your sentiment here, but such opposition is not within the power of a Governor. Now, if you wanted to run for a US Representative or US Senator position, then it would be within your powers in that position to adopt such a stance. Once again, however, you are showing your own ignorance of the very job you want the citizens of Georgia to grant you!

A John Oxendine Administration will support legal reform protecting business from frivolous lawsuits such as tobacco, obesity, or the infamous hot coffee case.

Lawsuits such as these are only frivolous if you’re not the one that was harmed. To the people that were harmed by these cases – even the hot coffee case – these were very serious matters, and everyone should have the facts of their case heard in open court when they are harmed, no matter how ‘frivolous’ the case may seem to outsiders.

That said, because I’m pretty sure your argument here is banning such ‘frivolous’ cases so that courts can get on with more serious issues where NO ONE was harmed, such as prostitution or basic drug use/possession, let me just point out that if you actually simplified the criminal code to eliminate victimless crimes, you would cut the burden on the courts FAR more than simply denying people the opportunity to have their day in court when they WERE harmed.

A John Oxendine Administration will support mandatory sanctions for lawyers who bring frivolous lawsuits.

So not only do you want to deny a person his or her day in court when they have a grievance YOU deem ‘frivolous’, MR. Oxendine, you also want to threaten the very lawyers who would represent these valid claims. Shouldn’t you be ENCOURAGING these lawyers instead, Mr. Oxendine? They allow people to air their grievances in court professionally, vs having to stumble around not knowing the court procedures and customs. Without these lawyers, you are effectively silencing matters you deem ‘frivolous’ without ever addressing what could be real and serious harm done. It is NOT the Governor’s job to decide the merits of a particular case, sir. It is the court’s, and specifically the judge and the jury. Yet again, you prove your own ignorance of the very job you wish the citizens of Georgia to grant you.


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  2. The “infamous hot coffee” incident was a case of a McDonald’s who had been warned repeatedly about the excess temperature of their coffee, and when it was spilled it caused third degree burns IIRC. While the driver was responsible for the transport, it was hardly a frivolous case when the facts are looked at, rather than the short form version of what the suit was about.

    And as for the herb you want legalized Jeff? I have an idea…and I suspect Mr. Oxendine isn’t interested 😉

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