John Oxendine and Liberty, Part 2c: Oxendine Business Plan: The Business of Georgia Is Business

The Business of Georgia is Business

The choice in 2010 is clear. Georgia can continue down the same road of traditional politicians putting ego before policy, personal political gain before the taxpayers or Georgia can elect a pro-business, pro-free enterprise Governor.

As we’ve seen, such a pro-business, pro-free enterprise Governor is NOT you, Mr. Oxendine. In fact, as we’ve seen in this series, you are NOTHING but a ‘traditional politician putting ego before policy’ and ‘personal political gain before the taxpayers of Georgia’. Personally, I think the candidate that best espouses what you yourself just admitted Georgia needs is John Monds, but I will be continuing this series as more information from each of the candidates is released online, and I encourage any candidate that wishes to speak with SWGA Politics for an in-depth interview to please contact us, as we’d LOVE to talk to you personally. We try to be genuinely equal opportunity here, and as you’ve seen in these posts, I do admit when I agree with your positions.

Georgia needs a Governor who understands that government must be a servant to the private sector not attempt to be a master; that government must reduce taxes and regulations on businesses and provide a budget that enhances the ability for businesses to create jobs and expand their operations.

Again, as we’ve seen in these posts, you would NOT be such a Governor. Instead, you would protect your friends in the private sector and hinder their competition.

Georgia businesses need a Governor who is ready to lead on the hard issues of transportation, a new tax system, education, healthcare, water, serious economic development program, and an office that listens to and works with the Georgia business community.

Again, as we’ve seen, your ideas are nothing more than ‘politics as usual’, and your definition of ‘listens to and works with the Georgia business community’ means that you would listen to lobbyists rather than citizens, and would do the marketing job of businesses for them rather than forcing them to do it for themselves, as they would have to on a free market.

Georgia needs a Governor who will unite the House and Senate, work with our counties and cities and listen to and include all interested parties

Well, I don’t see how you plan to work well with the Senate when you blatantly endorse the House state-wide tax increase, and the only ‘interested parties’ you intend to listen to – as proven by your own statements – are big business lobbyists and not the TRULY interested parties, the private citizens.

I will be a champion for the Georgia business community. The business of Georgia is business and the business of a John Oxendine Administration will be to preserve, expand, make more efficient and promote business in Georgia.

Again, this is not the function of Governor, and maybe you should go back to school to learn what the proper roles of government and a State Governor ARE before you try to lead State government as its Governor.


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