John Oxendine and Liberty: Series At a Glance

Here’s the entire ‘John Oxendine and Liberty’ series in one spot for easy viewing:

Part 1: Intro, Transportation and Values

Part 2a: Oxendine Business Plan: Goal to Agriculture

Part 2b: Oxendine Business Plan: Working for Georgia Business

Part 2c: Oxendine Business Plan: The Business of Georgia is Business

Part 3: Jeff’s Conclusion


3 Responses

  1. […] John Oxendine and Liberty: Series At a Glance […]

  2. On my radio show I’ve been referring to Ox as John “The Fascist” Oxendine, a nickname I gave him after his letter bashing Casey Cagle for even daring to consider allowing a vote on Sunday sales in the state Senate. After reading this series, I realize that I was even more right about Oxendine than I believed. He is, as you called him, a hypocrite, a theocratic statist, and just plan ignorant. This series should be mandatory reading for anybody who plans to vote in the Republican primary. I look forward to future installments in the series–while I will ultimately support John Monds in the general election, I am currently torn between Karen Handel, Eric Johnson, and Ray McBerry in the Republican Primary.

  3. Well, don’t worry to much Jeff. SWGA Politics has every intention of looking at every candidate in the exact same light. Just be sure to check out our new site at here for more!

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