Mayor Adams: A Polygraph?

WALB’s website has the initial story of Mayor Willie Adams issuing a challenge.  He challenges Carol Fullerton and WG&L General Manager Lem Edwards to take a polygraph, along with himself.  He says that he “wants to know who’s lying,” regarding Representative Fullerton’s removal from the WG&L board.    This, he claims, will answer questions once and for all about who is telling the truth regarding Rep. Fullerton’s dismissal.

There’s only a few problems with that.  First is that there is a measure of dispute about how reliable polygraphs really are.  A polygraph is really nothing more than set of monitors that measure things like blood pressure, resparations, pulse, things like that.  In theory, it can tell if someone’s lying by the descrepencies in these biological functions.  However, there’s actually little scientific evidence to support the reliability of this.

In fact, there’s even reports that place the relability of polygraphs as being only slightly better than chance.  However, Mayor Adams isn’t stupid.  He’s a physician as well as a mayor, so I have to assume he’s done some research on polygraphs.  If he has, then he knows that the machine can be beaten.  Even in it’s best estimates, it’s only supposedly 93-96% accurate, so that means it’s beatable.  With the 70% or lower figure, that increases one’s chance to beat the polygraph.

With this in mind, why act like a polygraph would solve everything?  It still doesn’t change the fact that Carol Fullerton was in Atlanta in the General Assembly, and that her absences should have been considered excused.  Regardless of Mayor Adams’ charges that teleconferencing capabilities were not available during the meetings, she was conducting official business for the State of Georgia and representing the people of this area.  How, Mayor Adams, can this not be instantly considered excused?  I’m just curious.

Once again, I’d like to applaud Roger Marietta, who I have plenty to disagree with on other issues.  Mr. Marietta was the only member of the City Commission to make a stand in Rep. Fullerton’s defense, and for that we here at SWGA Politics commend him.

As for me, it’s my most sincere hope that Rep. Fullerton is reinstated to the WG&L board as soon as possible.  It would be a betrayal of the city for any less to happen.  And think of it this way, if WALB, the Albany Herald, and SWGA Politics agrees on something, then perhaps there’s something to it! 😉


2 Responses

  1. I am putting my ten-foot pole away. Call me West, I am not in that mess.

    Okay, I will say that this drama is a result of the General Assembly consolidation action in Atlanta that seemed to have bypass traditional protocol. I hate to see this mess because I like the leaders involved but they are dealing with the classic candy bar of chocolate center and creamy outside (Lee County). What do you call that candy bar…Zero.

    People who move to the rural area of Dougherty County wanted out of the city and many kept going to Lee, Worth and Terrell Counties. The same can be said for D.C. and it’s suburbs in Virginia and Maryland.

    While the drama seems rather racial, it is on some level socioeconomic: people of all color running from urban blight, weak schools and crime. That was hard to write because most of the townies are good people but the worst 10% can ruin anywhere.

    We actually have a similar mini-drama in Sylvester where the loud cars and thugs are running people into the country. Life is too short to live around fools.

  2. Well, according to Rep. Rynders, this was hardly unprecedented. A similar action happened up in Augusta for similar reasons.

    As for the city, I agree. I lived near one of Albany’s worst for years, and I only left because of family reasons pulling me away, rather than trying to push me out. I was intent on trying to save my neighborhood, but not everyone wants to do that. The “flight” to safer areas is a common occurrence I’m afraid.

    As for it seeming racial, I’m not so sure. I think this has been played up as racial by a couple of people on the City Commission who are using it to their own ends. As I’ve reported, African Americans still make up 60% of the population of Dougherty County, which is enough to ensure that there won’t be any “dilution” of the black vote. As for the whites who fear that they’ll lose their voice in government, all I have to say is this: Get over it. I’m white too, and I don’t see us as needing to be a voting block. Black, white, brown, purple, who cares? We’re all humans, Americans, Georgians, and Albanians. What more matters?

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